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How To Get Your Cargo In Motion

tilt deckWe’ve been in business for over 35 years and we respond to over 100,000 service requests each year. Dr. Hook has the best team of over 100 of the most qualified individuals to respond to these requests. Our fleet is large, and in-charge, and consists of more than 11 Heavy Duty Trucks, numerous Medium and Light Duty trucks, over 20 Tilt Deck Trucks, a Trailer Division, and an Air Cushion Recovery Division.

Tilt deck truck towing is one of the many services we are always proud to provide to our customers. We operate 17 standard units for loads up to 10,000 lbs (21 foot deck), 1 heavy-duty unit for loads up to 30,000 lbs (26 foot deck) and 2 units capable of 15,000 lbs. Ground and dock loading is available. We are able to haul campers, boat trailers, quads, motorcycles, golf carts, utility sheds and more.

If you need your Sea or Shipping container moved to be loaded on to a boat or for rail, trust Dr. Hook for safe and efficient delivery. Before loading your shipping container on to our tilt truck, we make sure that the container doors will be in the correct position. We also load and unload from semi-trailers, docks or warehouses.

We carefully load your shipping container onto our tilt truck. All of our operators are certified and insured, which guarantees that the shipping container and the cargo it contains safely reaches its destination. Upon delivery, we make sure the ground is level and there is enough clearance for the tilt truck to remove the container.

Dr. Hook Towing provides regional and long-haul delivery throughout Canada and the U.S. To receive a quote for tilt truck towing, call us 24 hours a day Toll Free 1-800-561-4665.

Who’s Looking after Your Vehicles?

Your employees have a health plan.

Your business has property insurance.

But who’s looking after your vehicles?

Take the panic away from your drivers with Dr. Hook.

We offer Roadside Assistance for corporate customers, with plans available for single or multiple vehicles. Whether it’s a delivery car or big rig, Dr. Hook can haul it.

Roadside Assistance for All Sizes

By now, you’re very familiar with Dr. Hook’s capacity to tow cars and trucks across Winnipeg.

Medium Duty trucks ready for dispatch from Dr. Hook TowingBut our tow capabilities go far and beyond the types of company vehicles you might see on the road normally – we’ve towed everything from buses to big rigs.

This is where some of our specialty divisions start to be dispatched.

Medium Duty

This is the starting point for some of the bigger vehicle tows.

Some of the past work for our medium duty trucks have included extraction of work vehicles from submersion on job sites or in problem areas such as deep snow, mud or ditches. We’ve also used our Medium Duty vehicles to assist in tows for disabled busses and vans.

Heavy Duty

From tractor and trailer towing to wreckmaster certified operators, our heavy duty division is able to winch vehicles up to 1 million tons. Likely, that’s more than we’ll ever have to do for your Winnipeg company, but we’re up to the challenge that you may throw at us.

Air Cushion Recovery

You may not believe this until you see it (but we hope you don’t have to).

This technology uses large air-filled cushions to lift turned vehicles – from cars to 5 ton trucks – getting them upright on the road. This unique process has even been used to lift sunken airplanes and even lift and level cottages!

To learn more about our commercial vehicle assistance capabilities, call Dr. Hook today at 204-956-4665 or fill out our contact form now.

Air Cushion Recovery – Protect Your Investment

When accidents occur, time is of the essence, and response time needs to be quick. Dr. Hook Towing makes provisions for speedy response to any type of incident by maintaining the right equipment for the job, and a professional staff of operators to get it done.

For jobs where standard towing equipment isn’t enough, we provide air cushion recovery. Using a self-contained trailer that can be deployed on a moment’s notice, our Air Cushion Recovery Unit and response team are equipped for all manner of vehicle and equipment recovery. Whether it’s up-righting an overturned tractor-trailer, RV, motor coach, sunken airplane, or even a small building, Dr. Hook has what it takes to recover your assets.

Our air cushion recovery unit allows us to perform the recovery safely, which reduces cargo loss; avoids further damage to vehicle and property, and expedites lane clearing by keeping site debris to a minimum. Air cushion recovery also permits us to operate at recovery sites that aren’t accessible to heavy equipment, and to do so in many cases without first having to unload cargo. For trucks or containers loaded with shock-sensitive cargo, air cushion recovery insures that your valuables aren’t jolted by more traditional recovery methods.

Dr. Hook air cushion recovery equipment is insured, and our operators are certified, to insure you that your investment is protected, by the professionals. Contact us today, and ask about our Roadside Assistance Corporate Program.

From Concerts to Construction, We’re Helping to Expand Winnipeg

Winnipeg is growing, and we at Dr. Hook Towing take pride in the role we have played in making it happen. It is a role we do not take for granted, and which we strive to earn with every service call, for every customer. No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of certified professionals is committed to handling each one with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Dr. Hook Towing has had the privilege of taking part in the hugely successful staging of the U2 360º World Tour concert in Winnipeg, and we continue to assist in the city’s expansion as we keep construction equipment moving where it’s needed.  Our fleet will keep yours moving, to and from the job site, safely and professionally.

By utilizing a state-of-the-art fleet of over 65 vehicles, and certified professional operators at the wheel, Dr. Hook has been picking up Winnipeg and delivering premier service since 1983. We look forward to many years of continued growth with our city and our neighbors, and are dedicated to both on our mission to provide you with the level of quality service you have come to expect from us.

Why Us?

Well, that answer is easy….not simple, but easy.  First and foremost, Dr. Hook has a proven reputation for having a give-and-take relationship with our community.  We happily take the honor of being known as the best, and we give back everything we can to our community.  We contribute back to our community through numerous different programs including Teddy Bear Picnic, Children’s Festivals and Events, United Way Semi Truck Pull, Relay for Life, and many more.

Secondly, we are known for our safety measures to protect our employees, our customers, and the public.  We make sure all of our employees are trained to the fullest extent, and continue this training on a daily basis.  We are certified and insured through numerous different industry leading training programs, and were recently a huge part of the passing of the “Move Over Law” for Tow Trucks, further protecting the public.  Our staff wears additional clothing and equipment, including reflective vests, hard hats, and safety glasses, to push our safety measures even further.

Third, we are the “big dog”.  We are the largest, and most professional towing company in the area and always provide first class service.  Our fleet is large, and in-charge, and consists of more than 10 Heavy Duty Trucks, numerous Medium and Light Duty trucks, over 12 Tilt Deck Trucks, a Trailer Division, and an Air Cushion Recovery Division, all being operated by certified and insured operators.  Add our GPS Dispatch Technology and Roadside Assistance Program, and you have your answer.

That is why we are the Best!

Equipment Moving – Emergent Services

Being ranked number one is not an honor we take lightly here at Dr. Hook. We strive to maintain our spot in the towing industry on a daily and even hourly basis. We keep up with the most efficient technology, have the highest trained staff, and our machinery and equipment is second to none. We have equipment that is immediate, and on-demand for almost anything you can think of. Drove your plane into a lake? We will be the ones to fish it out, quickly, efficiently, and always with our famous “first class” customer service.

All of our emergency equipment and operators are certified and fully insured. Our equipment ranges from Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Tilt Decks, and even Air cushion Recovery. The Heavy Duty Trucks are the 3 axle trucks that can tow up to 50 tons. These are the trucks that we use for Motor vehicles, Buses, and any other large vehicle that needs towing. Our Tilt Decks are what we use for items such as jungle gyms, golf carts, bobcats, boats, etc. And that predicament that we’ve all seen once or twice before: the jackknifed semi, or that plane that is supposed to be in the air, not in the lake. For those instances we have our Air Cushion Recovery Units. We use these for uprighting large vehicles, up to 5 ton trucks, over-turned containers, and sunken treasures….I mean, airplanes. As with all our services, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These situations don’t always happen Monday thru Friday, so we are available every day.

Roadside Assistance Program

We pride ourselves on being the company that can give assistance in your time of need, therefore, our Emergency Roadside Assistance Program is the core of our company. We utilize our professional staff and our state of the art dispatch technology to bring you prompt and courtesy assistance. Whether it is a flat tire, running off the road, or trying to make it that extra exit without a fill-up. We’ve all been there, and we would love to be the one that you call on when help is needed most.

As with every aspect of our business, our Roadside Assistance Program exceeds the expectations of our clients, and we are rated higher than all of our competitors. At Dr. Hook, members come first, and always will. Our emergency and urgent services are provided with the utmost promptness and professionalism. Our trained customer service professionals answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They dispatch your call and an exact arrival time is given. You are then greeted by a uniformed, trained professional, and treated to a first-class experience from start to finish. Our services include: changing a flat tire, refilling gas, dead battery jumps, or helping with a wrong turn into a ditch. These instances are daunting, and troubling for all of us, but they are a fact of life. We would love to be the ones to make your fact of life as easy as possible.