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Roadside assistance for fleets and owner operators

Semi Truck

At Dr. Hook Towing, we understand the stress Canadian truck drivers face when stranded on the road.  That is why we make sure that our services are immediate. We take about one hour or less to respond to an emergency by being on site, and about two hours to put back the equipment on the road. Sometimes the response can take longer due to circumstances that cannot be controlled such as road closures, road accidents and weather. However, it may take longer to respond to a situation in rural areas.

Our heavy duty recovery and towing division can handle different recovery situations such as rolled over or damaged rigs. Our fleet of ten 3-axle hydraulic wreckers can handle up to 75 tons of lifting. This allows us to lift 1, 2 and 5 ton vehicles including semi-trucks, trailers, RV’s, motor coaches, vans and buses. If your tractor/trailer, van or tanker has been overturned or needs up righting we can provide Air Cushion Recovery. We will be fully prepared and equipped depending on the type of situation. Air Cushion recovery is ideal to prevent further damage and loss to your cargo.  Also, to ensure each job is done safely and efficiently, all our staff is required to go through the WreckMaster Certification Program. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Hook Towing is your recovery expert.

Dr. Hook Towing aims to deliver the best service in the event of a breakdown for local or long distance recovery. Whether you are on Highway 1, Highway 6 or Highway 75, we are there to provide service throughout Canada and in the US.  When you call Dr. Hook Towing, you will always be connected directly to dispatch and will never be transferred to an automated machine.  We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and are happy to be a qualified service provider for roadside assistance to fleets and owner operators.

Air Cushion Recovery – Protect Your Investment

When accidents occur, time is of the essence, and response time needs to be quick. Dr. Hook Towing makes provisions for speedy response to any type of incident by maintaining the right equipment for the job, and a professional staff of operators to get it done.

For jobs where standard towing equipment isn’t enough, we provide air cushion recovery. Using a self-contained trailer that can be deployed on a moment’s notice, our Air Cushion Recovery Unit and response team are equipped for all manner of vehicle and equipment recovery. Whether it’s up-righting an overturned tractor-trailer, RV, motor coach, sunken airplane, or even a small building, Dr. Hook has what it takes to recover your assets.

Our air cushion recovery unit allows us to perform the recovery safely, which reduces cargo loss; avoids further damage to vehicle and property, and expedites lane clearing by keeping site debris to a minimum. Air cushion recovery also permits us to operate at recovery sites that aren’t accessible to heavy equipment, and to do so in many cases without first having to unload cargo. For trucks or containers loaded with shock-sensitive cargo, air cushion recovery insures that your valuables aren’t jolted by more traditional recovery methods.

Dr. Hook air cushion recovery equipment is insured, and our operators are certified, to insure you that your investment is protected, by the professionals. Contact us today, and ask about our Roadside Assistance Corporate Program.

Equipment Moving – Emergent Services

Being ranked number one is not an honor we take lightly here at Dr. Hook. We strive to maintain our spot in the towing industry on a daily and even hourly basis. We keep up with the most efficient technology, have the highest trained staff, and our machinery and equipment is second to none. We have equipment that is immediate, and on-demand for almost anything you can think of. Drove your plane into a lake? We will be the ones to fish it out, quickly, efficiently, and always with our famous “first class” customer service.

All of our emergency equipment and operators are certified and fully insured. Our equipment ranges from Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Tilt Decks, and even Air cushion Recovery. The Heavy Duty Trucks are the 3 axle trucks that can tow up to 50 tons. These are the trucks that we use for Motor vehicles, Buses, and any other large vehicle that needs towing. Our Tilt Decks are what we use for items such as jungle gyms, golf carts, bobcats, boats, etc. And that predicament that we’ve all seen once or twice before: the jackknifed semi, or that plane that is supposed to be in the air, not in the lake. For those instances we have our Air Cushion Recovery Units. We use these for uprighting large vehicles, up to 5 ton trucks, over-turned containers, and sunken treasures….I mean, airplanes. As with all our services, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These situations don’t always happen Monday thru Friday, so we are available every day.