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Auto Auction – November 25th, 2016

o6ygie0-customThere is an upcoming auto auction on
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Viewing at 9:00 am
Auction at 11:00 am
75 Lowson Crescent, Winnipeg, MB.

The sale is held in a comfortable indoor location.

For a listing of vehicles and images visit  or download the listing of available vehicles by clicking here.


Pulling for the Community

Do you have what it takes to pull a 33,000 lb. semi with 53 ft. trailer 125 feet? We’re proud to say at Dr. Hook, we’re not only willing to give it a try – but to sponsor such a good cause.

The 8th Annual Truck Pull in support of the United Way was held at by the Manitoba Trucking Association at Assiniboine Park. For members of the trucking industry, we spend our days and nights pulling freight or pulling you out of the ditch and we’re honored to be part of pulling the community forward.

At Dr. Hook, we’re proud to be part of the sponsors that allow 100% of the money raised in the truck pull to go directly to United Way.

team-pulling img_3100 part-of-our-fleet sponsor team-before team-during Dr Hook Community Support

Safe Travels for a Festive Canada Day Weekend

Winnipeggers, your time has come!

The open road this (long) weekend beckons families before moms and dads separate from sons and daughters. Cottage country and lake life has never looked so serene.

Getting to your destination, however, comes with its challenges. Having Suzie and Sam in the back seat is certainly a blessing when you consider just how few trips you get together, especially as they get older; but as amazing as these trips are, they can also be hazardous for your highway driving.

Consider statistics reported by Medical Today. a study by the Monash University Accident Research Center found that drivers were 12 times more distracted by their kids than by cell phones, and spent more than 3 minutes of a 16-minute trip looking at or talking to their offspring.

So when you’re driving, remember – when the fuss begins, it’s better to pull over than to threaten, less you end up in trouble and require roadside assistance.

Dr. Hook – Proud Supporters of Local Winnipeg Community Events

Dr. Hook Towing has a proud history of engaging in our community causes and the spring of 2014 is no different.

This is the time of year when Winnipeg’s charitable causes really get put in the spotlight. Gala events, which populate a lot of the April-May calendar, continue to roll, while thousands upon thousands of proud supporters walk, run, bike or otherwise mobilize in support of their favourite charities.

It’s a heartwarming scene no matter what way you slice it – assembling that many people for one event that wholly benefits a cause gives you that feeling of just how interconnected Winnipeg is and how much we care about the health and wellness of those around us.

Recently, Dr. Hook was involved in two major community events that drew thousands of supporters for two important causes – The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and the Canadian Cancer Society.

First up was the Foundation’s signature event, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Taking place once again at Assiboine Park, the Picnic saw hundreds of kids and parents, along with their stuffed-with-fluff friends, gather for one of the most unique events on Winnipeg’s calendar, where teddy bears and other plush toys were examined by Hospital staff while everyone enjoyed a memorable community meal. Dr. Hook was pleased to once again be a part of the Picnic and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Following the Picnic came the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, for which Dr. Hook delivered gators. In 2013, this national non-competitive race generated an outstanding $46.5 million from over 16,000 teams, and we have no doubt that this number was exceeded in 2014. An amazing physical challenge, the Relay has quickly become one of the most anticipated events for Winnipeggers to part in while helping raise money for one of our country’s biggest charitable causes.


Dr. Hook In The Community – Teddy Bears Picnic

Dr. Hook at the Teddy Bears' PicnicWhen a call comes from the Winnipeg community, Dr. Hook Towing answers with enthusiasm. We consider it an honour to help organizations throughout our city with their charitable projects that help others.

We all remember the song from our childhood about teddy bears picnic – hundreds of our favourite stuffed animals gathering in a wooded area for a joyous celebration.

Of course, with Winnipeg being the home of arguably the world’s most famous tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff, it’s only natural that we would also be home to an actual Teddy Bears’ Picnic, and for more than 20 years the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has been the beneficiary of this unique event which brings kids of all ages together with their favourite bedtime buddies.

This year, the Teddy Bears’ Picnic took place on Sunday, May 26 with activities running all day for kids and families for free. It’s certainly one of, if not the most unique event on our calendar.

This is easily one of the best charities we support. Be it from personal experience or via family members, we all have ties to care for the younger members of the Winnipeg community, and we’re all excited to be part of the Picnic year in and year out.

And in case you need a reminder of the song we talked about off the top, check out this video of Anne Murray singing the childhood favourite.

Call Us Before the Cops

Walking out of a restaurant, shopping mall or even your office, there’s always that breath of relief when you can find your car waiting for you.

It’s a natural reaction. Given the number of auto thefts in Winnipeg, we are always on alert for our vehicles to be sitting safely where we left them.

At times though, we find that our vehicle isn’t where we parked, and the panic sets in. Even if there isn’t evidence of a theft like broken glass or a discarded break-in device, it’s natural to assume that your car has been stolen.

This isn’t always the case though. Your car may have been towed without you knowing it.

Determining if your car has been towed is fairly easy.

First, look for any signs indicating you’re in a tow-away zone. Signage may be obstructed by trees, faded past readability or have been vandalized, so you should do a thorough check to see if any warnings are in your parking area.

Second, check for any reserved parking signs. You may have accidentally parked in an owned space. Contact the property owners to see if they would have had any reports of improper parking. They may have called Manitoba’s leading towing company to remove your vehicle.

Finally, if you don’t see any signage, or don’t believe you have violated any parking laws, then it is still best to call Dr. Hook. We may have information on your vehicle even if you have reason to believe your car was indeed stolen.

Remember – nothing can be resolved by panic, and alerting the police may not be necessary. Take all the steps possible to ensure that your vehicle is indeed secure before calling Manitoba’s finest.

We’re Ready This Easter Weekend

We’re in the midst of one of the most unique weeks in Winnipeg’s recent history.

Not only is it spring break for schools across Manitoba, but it’s also Good Friday and Easter weekend upcoming, not to mention Passover.

In combination, this means that traffic patterns are going to, quite literally, be all over the place. Our normal driving routines of 8:30 to work, 5:00 home will be almost non-existent as we go forward with an unusual set of paths – taking kids to the Museum, loading the family in the minivan to head to grandma’s… yep, it’s certainly not business as usual.

Add to this the recent snowfall and melt (hopefully the last for us!), and you’ve got a real mess on our streets and highways, even before the potential for accidents that can stall traffic and make you late for your various events.

At this point we do want to note to you that if you find yourself in an emergency and require roadside assistance from Dr. Hook, we will be available. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your needs.

We wish you and your family all the best during this season. Enjoy this time of year with your family.

The More You Tell Us, The Better Off You’ll Be

Encountering car trouble is never a good thing.

Whether your car won’t start, has stalled in the middle of traffic or worse, there is a natural tendency to panic, and this fret can transfer from the moment of highest concern to the time when you call Dr. Hook for roadside assistance.

If you encounter such a situation though, there is an important thing to remember – the more we know, the better we’ll be able to assist you. While your natural instinct may be to say, “My car was making a funny noise and it just died at Portage and Main!”, the better you can describe the “funny noise” the better we’ll be able to help you first over the phone and again once one of our trusted experts is on site.

Factors that can assist us are:

1. Previous trouble – For example, this is the third time your car battery has died this winter or if the tire that just was punctured previously had a similar trouble.

2. Alarming noises – such as if you have been hearing your brakes squealing and are now facing a real issue.

But all of this comes hand in hand with the most important part of your action – don’t panic. We understand your urgency, but the calmer you are, the easier it will be to convey important messages to our staff.

Emergency Preparedness: Keep Yourself Charged on the Road

There’s a classic scene that has been rendered somewhat cliche in Hollywood. A young couple is stranded on the highway with their hood up. The male is seated on a gas jug while the female stands with her thumb out hoping that a noble stranger will help them in their time of need.

This scenario was certainly the case for Manitobans just a couple decades ago, but thanks to cell phones, all it takes is a call to Dr. Hook, and the case for a happenstance handsome stranger to play the hero is obsolete.

Obsolete, that is, as long as you have your phone charged up and ready.

Let’s admit it to ourselves – as careful as we are with our smartphones, we can get caught up in our “other” activities like web browsing and gaming that drain our batteries and we’re at times left without being able to communicate; and whether you’re in the city or out on the highway, this is not an ideal situation.

With this in mind, it’s important that as part of your emergency preparedness, especially when you are embarking on a long highway travel, to have your phone fully charged and ready to go. Having a charger in your car and even a spare power source is a great way to ensure that you are good to go and are more than ready should an emergency happen with your car or truck.

Remember – your roadside assistance experts are always just one phone call away.

Dr. Hook in the Community – Granting a Wish

When a call comes from the Winnipeg community, Dr. Hook Towing answers with enthusiasm. We consider it an honour to help organizations throughout our city with their charitable projects that help others. Over course of the next few blogs, we’ll be sharing with you the stories of organizations who we’re happy to support in Manitoba.

Dr. Hook Playhouse Delivery As you’ve seen from our blogs and videos, Dr. Hook has towed and transported items of a variety of sizes, primarily cars, trucks and other vehicles in Winnipeg.

On occasion, we’ll be asked to help move a more unique item, say, for example, an airplane.

One of these requests came recently via Qualico Home Developments, and we were more than happy to participate.

Qualico, another fantastic Winnipeg company, had recently built a custom playhouse for a family through the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. The Foundation, as noted on their website, “Children’s Wish is a national non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling a favourite wish for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Since its inception, Children’s Wish has granted more than 18,000 wishes for children and their families and fulfills approximately 1000 wishes annually — granting nearly three wishes everyday.”

Dr. Hook Towing was more than happy to load the playhouse onto our special pink truck and deliver it to the family. It was truly a heartwarming moment, one that we were proud to be part of.