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We Can Transport Garden Sheds, Boat Trailers, Campers & More

tilt-deck-towingIt’s mid-May and even if temperatures are not what we would like today, looks like they will eventually heat up! If you are planning ahead and are preparing for the summer season, chances are you may need assistance in getting your larger items transported from one location to another. This is where you may require the services of one of our tilt trucks. A tilt truck is a flatbed vehicle that will tow your vehicle or equipment with all of its wheels off the ground, secured to a platform on the back of the truck. Our Tilt Deck  and Trailer has the capability to transport all types of equipment and items and aren’t limited to just automotive vehicles. Tilt trucks are great for carrying items such as garden sheds, boat trailers, golf carts, campers, swings, utility sheds or other large objects.

We can transport your item within Winnipeg or we even offer long-distance towing. Best to contact us so we can discuss the details and provide you with a quote.

Our tilt truck fleet consists of 17 standard units for loads up to 10,000 lbs (21 foot deck), 1 heavy-duty unit for loads up to 30,000 lbs (26 foot deck) and 2 units capable of 15,000 lbs. Ground and dock loading is available.

Let us know if you are in need of our Tilt Truck services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With Commercial Construction On The Rise, Dr. Hook Is On The Move

As Winnipeg continues to grow with new commercial construction, so does the need for movingvehicles and equipment. That’s where Dr. Hook come in. We see to it that the equipment used to build our great city gets to and from wherever it’s needed. Whether it’s delivering your heavy equipment to the construction site, hauling it back to storage, or moving storage bins for your work crews, you can count on Dr. Hook to keep things moving.

Our Trailer Division professionals will load or unload shipping containers, loaders, backhoes; lifts, job shacks, farm equipment, or motor coaches. You name it, we’ll pick it up and deliver it wherever you need it. Our fleet of nine trailers can haul your equipment, up to 50 tons at a time, safely and efficiently to your destination.

Dr. Hook has been keeping construction moving in Winnipeg since 1983. We are proud of the role we have been privileged to play in our city’s development, and are dedicated to helping all of our customers get where they need to go, in a courteous and professional manner. Call us today, and speak with one of our trained customer service agents about partnering with the premier towing service provider in Winnipeg.

From Concerts to Construction, We’re Helping to Expand Winnipeg

Winnipeg is growing, and we at Dr. Hook Towing take pride in the role we have played in making it happen. It is a role we do not take for granted, and which we strive to earn with every service call, for every customer. No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of certified professionals is committed to handling each one with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Dr. Hook Towing has had the privilege of taking part in the hugely successful staging of the U2 360º World Tour concert in Winnipeg, and we continue to assist in the city’s expansion as we keep construction equipment moving where it’s needed.  Our fleet will keep yours moving, to and from the job site, safely and professionally.

By utilizing a state-of-the-art fleet of over 65 vehicles, and certified professional operators at the wheel, Dr. Hook has been picking up Winnipeg and delivering premier service since 1983. We look forward to many years of continued growth with our city and our neighbors, and are dedicated to both on our mission to provide you with the level of quality service you have come to expect from us.

Equipment Moving – Emergent Services

Being ranked number one is not an honor we take lightly here at Dr. Hook. We strive to maintain our spot in the towing industry on a daily and even hourly basis. We keep up with the most efficient technology, have the highest trained staff, and our machinery and equipment is second to none. We have equipment that is immediate, and on-demand for almost anything you can think of. Drove your plane into a lake? We will be the ones to fish it out, quickly, efficiently, and always with our famous “first class” customer service.

All of our emergency equipment and operators are certified and fully insured. Our equipment ranges from Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Tilt Decks, and even Air cushion Recovery. The Heavy Duty Trucks are the 3 axle trucks that can tow up to 50 tons. These are the trucks that we use for Motor vehicles, Buses, and any other large vehicle that needs towing. Our Tilt Decks are what we use for items such as jungle gyms, golf carts, bobcats, boats, etc. And that predicament that we’ve all seen once or twice before: the jackknifed semi, or that plane that is supposed to be in the air, not in the lake. For those instances we have our Air Cushion Recovery Units. We use these for uprighting large vehicles, up to 5 ton trucks, over-turned containers, and sunken treasures….I mean, airplanes. As with all our services, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These situations don’t always happen Monday thru Friday, so we are available every day.