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We Are In The Business of Helping People

carDr. Hook Towing is always ready to help, no matter what the circumstance may be. Here are a few recent testimonials from our customers:

I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciated one of your drivers, Karl, on a recent vehicle tow. On Sunday, my vehicle seized and wouldn’t start. Upon arrival (which was very quick by the way), Karl noticed that I was with my 5 year old daughter who was holding a present – we were on-route to a birthday party at Skyzone at the time. He asked if we had a ride, I said I was just going to call a cab from Ikea, and he then offered us a ride to the party! My daughter was thrilled that she got there in time and didn’t miss anything (as well as got a ride in a huge truck). Since Karl was heading to the PointeWest Auto Park to drop off my vehicle, and I’m in St. James, he also dropped me off since I was on his way. I’m sure that providing rides to customers isn’t a regular thing, but I have to tell you that it really meant the world to my daughter that she was able to get to her party and going that extra mile was greatly appreciated by me. Please pass on my thanks again to Karl and please forward this note to his supervisor.

D’Arcy L.

I wanted to tell you about exceptional service that we received from Shane on Tuesday. My husband’s jeep was being loaded into a moving semi-trailer and the ramps shifted, dropping the rear wheels to the ground, leaving the front wheels inside the semi-trailer. Shane was called to get the jeep safely into the semi-trailer. When he arrived we were very upset about the events but he explained every step he was doing and provided us with the reassurance we needed. He expertly got the jeep into the semi without causing any further damage. I know that this was not an easy task and we wanted to let you know that we appreciated his expertise and professionalism.

Thank you,
Myrna and Dean S.

I just want to drop you a line about one of your drivers. Last Wednesday I locked the keys in my truck at a Tim Hortons parking lot. One of your drivers took time out of his day to give me a hand. Literally within a minute he unlocked the door for me. I offered to buy him a coffee, which he politely declined. With a hand shake and a smile he was gone. Going forward I will call Dr. Hook for all my towing and road emergency services. And recommend your organization any opportunity I have because of that individual. His truck was 467.

Ed G.

To view more testimonials, click here. For roadside assistance, tow truck service or vehicle recovery in the U.S. and Canada, call 1-800-561-4665 or Dr. Hook Towing online.

Colouring Books for Kids

colouring_booksThe whole team at Dr. Hook Towing does our best to support the community whenever we can. Earlier this summer, we recently visited the Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre. The children got to climb into one of our 35 ton heavy tow units and sit in the driver’s seat. We also provided our very own Tommy The Tow Truck colouring books and crayons for the kids. Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre is in the process of rebuilding their play structure from scratch. When they contacted us regarding a donation to the rebuild their play structure, we were more than happy to help. We will be donating a tire to support their backyard play area.
We look forward to seeing the final structure!

Want a free colouring book?

If you would be interested in receiving free Tommy The Tow Truck colouring books, please contact Dr. Hook Towing

Or visit our office at:
Dr. Hook Towing Services Ltd.
75 Lowson Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 0T3
Ph: 1-204-956-4665 (HOOK)

Who’s Looking after Your Vehicles?

Your employees have a health plan.

Your business has property insurance.

But who’s looking after your vehicles?

Take the panic away from your drivers with Dr. Hook.

We offer Roadside Assistance for corporate customers, with plans available for single or multiple vehicles. Whether it’s a delivery car or big rig, Dr. Hook can haul it.

Which Would You Rather Do This Summer?

Mother Nature has shown ruled the summer thus far with an iron fist. The weather forecasters are raising our hopes that we will actually get to enjoy a typical hot Manitoba summer. Fingers crossed.

After the most brutal winter in history and the wettest spring in memory, do you really want to spend your time dealing with roadside breakdowns? Which you you rather be doing?

Our roadside assistance program offers guaranteed help when the unexpected happens. Sign up today.


Enjoy the Long Weekend but Drive Responsibly

With Canada Day’s long weekend upon us, there’s going to be a lot of traffic both within Winnipeg and heading out to cottage country.

Whether you’re heading north to the Interlake or east to Seven Sisters, converging at The Forks or Kildonan Park, you’re bound to enjoy not only your destination point, but the travel as well. There’s something about the long weekend that relaxes us in a way that just can’t be explained.

With this in mind, however, it is important to caution that this is one of the heaviest weekends for driving. Roads will be congested, and its important to have your head on your shoulders. As much as we will at times joke about bad Winnipeg drivers, there is a touch of reality – not everyone uses turn signals, not everyone has their eyes focused on the path in front of them.

To ensure your family arrives to and from your celebration points safely, and doesn’t have to call us for a tow, please take the following precautions:

1. Don’t drink and drive – We can’t emphasize this one enough. With hotter conditions and potential rainfall, impaired driving becomes even more dangerous. Even if you think you’re below the legal limit, don’t get behind the wheel or plan in advance to have someone be your designated driver.

2. Watch out for cyclists – Bicycles are out in droves now and there will be even more this weekend, especially if weather is optimal. This includes on residential roads, main streets and highways. Be cautious and share the road.

3. Distribute before you drive – What distracts you most while driving? It’s actually your kids (check out this story from ABC). Make sure they have their food and drinks beside them before you head on the road so you’re not passing back and forth while driving.

From all of us at Dr. Hook, Happy Canada Day!

Beware the Re-Freeze!

We were so close… so very, very close to winter being over.

With warmer temperatures over the last few days, pavement and asphalt could be seen again on sidewalks and streets, or at least through murky puddles. Like little kids, we would happily splash through these mini basins of water as we drove to and fro. Sure, we were still digging ourselves out of another large snowfall, but the end was in sight – our warmer days were in sight and we would soon be in the clear.

Then Tuesday evening happened.

With temperatures dropping into the -20 region overnight, freezing once again became an issue on Winnipeg streets, and with that comes the everpresent reminder of cautious driving.

Unfortunately, this cycle isn’t looking like it will slow down any time soon.

With this in mind, we want to encourage you to be mindful of road – and especially highway conditions around Winnipeg. Blowing snow from the previous fall (and another forecast to be on its way next week) is going to make driving harder, along with melt-and-freeze temperatures that look to take us almost through the end of the month.

Should an emergency arise, don’t hesitate for a moment to call Winnipeg’s towing experts. We provide roadside assistance both in the city and outside the perimeter, and can help get you back on the road.

Emergency Preparedness: Keep Yourself Charged on the Road

There’s a classic scene that has been rendered somewhat cliche in Hollywood. A young couple is stranded on the highway with their hood up. The male is seated on a gas jug while the female stands with her thumb out hoping that a noble stranger will help them in their time of need.

This scenario was certainly the case for Manitobans just a couple decades ago, but thanks to cell phones, all it takes is a call to Dr. Hook, and the case for a happenstance handsome stranger to play the hero is obsolete.

Obsolete, that is, as long as you have your phone charged up and ready.

Let’s admit it to ourselves – as careful as we are with our smartphones, we can get caught up in our “other” activities like web browsing and gaming that drain our batteries and we’re at times left without being able to communicate; and whether you’re in the city or out on the highway, this is not an ideal situation.

With this in mind, it’s important that as part of your emergency preparedness, especially when you are embarking on a long highway travel, to have your phone fully charged and ready to go. Having a charger in your car and even a spare power source is a great way to ensure that you are good to go and are more than ready should an emergency happen with your car or truck.

Remember – your roadside assistance experts are always just one phone call away.

Dr. Hook Heavy Duty Recovery & Towing

Let Dr. Hook do all your heavy lifting. Heavy Duty Vehicles require special handling. That is why we have equipped our heavy duty towing and recovery division accordingly to handle the different needs and situations that may arise. We are equipped to handle semi-trucks, trailers, RV’s, motor coaches, vans and buses. We offer emergency roadside assistance as well as scheduled service.

Do You Need Four-Wheel Drive?

While most of us are accustomed to having the option of upgrading a new automobile to four-wheel drive, recently, many makes and models are coming standard with four Wheel drive. Honda and Volkswagen are the first makers to bypass the idea of giving an option to customers and are only putting four-wheel drive on some models. Other makers are extending this traditionally SUV/truck option to their smaller, sedan models. Many still question whether this is actually a needed feature or just a way for car companies to make more money. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having four-wheel drive.

(1) Lack of crash tests studies
Although four-wheel drive increases traction, control and handling, it is a feature that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not fully tested. Although “all”-wheel drive is considered a safety feature in many publications, NHTSA has not officially named “four”-wheel drive as a safety feature.

(2) Most people DO NOT need it
With a price tag close to $2000, four-wheel drive is a feature that rarely pays for itself. Unless you live in extreme climates or environments such as mountains, you will likely never need this feature. Typically, automobiles with front wheel drive fare just as well as four-wheel drive in snow. Blizzards and ice storms may require four-wheel drive, but most people do not leave the comfort of their home (and aren’t recommended to leave) during these conditions.

Before you decide on a new model and its features, realistically consider the situations you will find yourself. If you happen to be a park ranger in a mountain community, then four-wheel drive is required. If you are a commuter in a northern environment, most often, you will require a simple front-wheel drive automobile.