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Your Business Is Our Business

heavy-duty-towingWhen you run a business that depends on wheels, any lost man-hours can be costly. If one of your rigs breaks down, you need to know that help is available and just a phone call away.  Getting assistance and the right equipment to the scene as promptly as possible is essential to your bottom line. When you call Dr. Hook, we will get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as we can, and your driver out of harm’s way. We offer emergency and scheduled service with direct dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our services include:

Our state-of-the-art vehicles can handle any size job and our team of highly-trained professionals are dedicated to delivering courteous and efficient service. Our business is helping people, and treating each person with dignity and respect. When you give us a call, know that you can rely on Dr. Hook Towing to dispatch the best-trained, best-equipped heavy equipment towing operators in Manitoba, to keep your business moving.

To learn more about our commercial vehicle assistance capabilities, call Dr. Hook today at 1-800-561-4665 or fill out our contact form now.

New to Trucking? Dr. Hook’s Got Your Back

heavy-duty-trucksDriving a truck is a tough proposition. For the right person, it can be extremely rewarding, both financially and personally.

Even the best truck drivers and owner operators will tell you that their first days on the job were among the hardest – that they were nervous, they got lost, and made mistakes. Starting a job behind the wheel of a huge, lumbering diesel truck armed only with a logsheet, a cellphone, and some instructions and heading out into the world is daunting. Lots can go wrong. In talking with a lot of truckers who were once rookies, we’ve heard a lot of war stories. Drivers got hopelessly lost, sent miles off course by their GPS units onto residential streets where there wasn’t enough room to turn the truck around. Accidents, mostly minor, as a result of unfamiliar roads and vehicles – including knocking over a light standard and getting stuck under a low bridge.

Any driver can run their truck out of fuel, but we find more often than not it is a novice who does so. New drivers can find themselves exhausted and nearing the end of their legal driving limit when they’re miles from civilization. Solo drivers, for the first few months of their careers, find themselves adjusting to their new jobs.

Thankfully, it gets better. For the first week, something new and scary will seem to happen once every hour you’re on the job. For the next month, it will fell like it happens every day. After that, weekly. Then, one day you’ll find yourself to be the seasoned veteran, looking back with a chuckle and telling stories of the things that happened to you when you were just starting out.

Until you get there, and even after you do, we’d like to let you know that Dr. Hook Towing has heavy trucks covered. We offer all kinds of services, from out of fuel, boost service and lockout service to full-scale vehicle recovery. We service the Winnipeg area and province wide in Manitoba, call us 24 hours a day Toll Free 1-800-561-4665. Contact us online or learn more about our Heavy Duty Recovery service here.

Colouring Books for Kids

colouring_booksThe whole team at Dr. Hook Towing does our best to support the community whenever we can. Earlier this summer, we recently visited the Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre. The children got to climb into one of our 35 ton heavy tow units and sit in the driver’s seat. We also provided our very own Tommy The Tow Truck colouring books and crayons for the kids. Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre is in the process of rebuilding their play structure from scratch. When they contacted us regarding a donation to the rebuild their play structure, we were more than happy to help. We will be donating a tire to support their backyard play area.
We look forward to seeing the final structure!

Want a free colouring book?

If you would be interested in receiving free Tommy The Tow Truck colouring books, please contact Dr. Hook Towing

Or visit our office at:
Dr. Hook Towing Services Ltd.
75 Lowson Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 0T3
Ph: 1-204-956-4665 (HOOK)

Tow Truck and Wrecker Service for Manitoba Highways

Wrecker Service

At Dr. Hook Towing, we have the best equipment, trained WreckMaster certified staff as well along with helpful personnel. Our team makes sure your heavy-duty towing needs are met so that you can be back on the road within no time.  We are a family company and are committed to helping fleets and owner operators by building long-term relationships. If you are faced in an accident or breakdown, you can rely on Dr. Hook Towing to be your heavy duty towing provider.

We provide service throughout Manitoba since some areas have limited accessibility to heavy-duty recovery services. If you’re your needs extends outside of the province, we offer long-distance towing and recovery within Canada and in the United States.

All highways and roads are serviced such as:

  • Highway to USA (75)
  • Highway to the North (6)
  • Manitoba Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway)
  • Trans Canada Highway 1 (Manitoba Highway 1, Manitoba PTH 1, Trunk Highway 1)
  • Provincial Trunk Highways (PTH 100 and PTH 101)

Our fleet of ten 3-axle hydraulic wreckers can lift 1, 2 and 5 ton vehicles including semi-trucks, trailers, RV’s, motor coaches, vans and buses. As well we can also provide Air Cushion Recovery for overturned tractor/trailers, vans or tankers. This method is ideal for trailers that are hauling sensitive or fragile cargo.

Our heavy duty services include:

  • Tractor & trailer towing
  • Decking and un-decking (bunking & un-bunking)
  • Lifting of sunken trailers
  • Motor Coach & RV towing local & long distance
  • Air Cushion Recovery, tractor service
  • Emergency and Scheduled service, direct dispatch 24 / 7
  • Insurance and accident towing & recovery, itemized invoicing
  • Up to 1,000,000 lbs. of winching
  • All services provided with “certified” operators and fully “insured” units

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your trucks or trailers require heavy duty recovery or if you are in need any of our other services, contact Dr. Hook Towing.