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Happy May Winnipeg – Keep it Slow

For the first time in a long time, it appears that April’s showers will indeed bring May’s flowers.

We’re going to be optimistic when we say that the weather from here on in is going to be agreeable after the cold, wet 2014 we’ve had so far. Yes, there will be rain but it’s looking better than we’ve had in past years.

With roads clear, the natural tendency with Winnipeggers will be to amp up their speed on the road and, unfortunately, play a game of ‘chicken’ with red lights now that the risk of swerving or hydroplaning has waned. One of our associates witnessed a near collision earlier today in St. James when a truck sped through a suddenly-turned red light and nearly struck a bus. Fortunately, the busdriver was acutely aware of the other motorist and slammed on the breaks in time.

Needless to say, the result could have been unfavourable – a call for roadside assistance after an accident.

Let this be a word of wisdom for you – just because you think you can beat a red light doesn’t mean you should speed up to make it. Remember – getting to your destination 2 minutes later than expected is much better than the alternative.

Stay safe Winnipeg!

Dr. Hook Gift Cards for All Seasons… and No Reasons

At long last, the gift-giving season is over.

Christmas and Valentine’s Day, unquestionably, are the two biggest present times of the year. Leaving aside birthdays and anniversaries, you’re more likely to spend money on someone else in late December and early February than any other time of the year.

Just because these seasons are finished, however, doesn’t mean that kindness stops; in fact, the best way to show someone you care is to give them a gift during one of the ‘off seasons’ when a gift is least expected.

One of those times is now, when you’re clear of the holidays and into a dreary time between Valentine’s Day and Easter, where the snowy weather is giving one last inclimate push before the mess of melt happens.

This is going to be a problematic driving time ahead for Winnipeggers, as slush and melt turn frozen overnight on a regular basis and leave an air of unpredictability when you head out in the morning or leave an event in the evening.

Arm your loved one in case a roadside emergency occurs with a Dr. Hook gift card. These refillable cards can be ordered in a variety of denominations and help you make sure those close to you have a safety net should an accident occur.

For more on Dr. Hook gift cards, click here or call 204 956 HOOK today.

Stay safe Winnipeg!

Pay Dr. Hook Online!

Dr. Hook Towing is committed to making your customer experience as easy and as smooth as possible.

As part of this pledge, we’re pleased to announce that you can now pay online for your service from Dr. Hook. Simply follow this link to head over to our online payment system, securely powered by TD Canada Trust, and you’re done.

The great part about using Dr. Hook Towing’s online payment is that you can pay not only for your own services, but for others as well! That’s right parents, if your teen has an unfortunate incident on a Manitoba highway and requires our roadside assistance, you can pay their bill right away. All you need is the payment amount and the call number.

So if you or a loved one has had an incident that needed Dr. Hook’s attention, click here now to pay online.

The Regrettable Perils of Winter in Winnipeg

Accidents are always regrettable, no matter whether they happen to a valued Dr. Hook customer or to a Dr. Hook employee.

The recent story of one of our employees intentionally neglecting damage he caused to a customer’s vehicle is something that we feel we must address, if only for our own peace of mind.

Dr. Hook does not employ the type of person who would ignore something like this. We consider ourselves to be a company with integrity, and the thousands of people that we help year-round can attest to the helpful and caring nature that we always strive to exhibit.

Our ratio of safety during particularly busy winters such as this one speaks for itself. Our employees do their best to assess situations in a matter of moments, knowing they have many other calls ahead of them. Our employees are only human – but we can assure you that they are not intent on making an already distressing situation worse for our customers.

This was not something that was done maliciously. This is precisely what Dr. Hook deals with on a daily basis – an accident. Never fun, never the preferred way to spend one’s day, but something that has to be dealt with nonetheless – and we feel that we did so fairly.

Be Safe This Halloween in Winnipeg

We’re just days away from Halloween, the single busiest day of the year for kids in Winnipeg.

This year, Halloween is expected to be fairly chilly with treating time hovering around the 0 mark. This means kids will be dashing quickly door to door, and in all likelihood across streets across residential areas of Winnipeg.

Costumes, of course, don’t necessarily light up well in Winnipeg streets, and with more parents driving their children around to different areas of the city, this could mean more trouble on the road.

So that we can all prevent pedestrian-driver incidents over All Hallow’s Eve, take necessary precautions:

– Drive slowly if you’re commuting. A child can duck out from cars without a moment’s notice.

– Ensure your child’s costume has some reflective material, especially if they will be going with friends and potentially bobbing and weaving through Winnipeg streets.

Be happy this Halloween but be safe.

Dr. Hook wishes all of its customers and Winnipeg a Happy Halloween.

Avoid a Summer Tow – Prep Your Car for Storage

Alas, Summer is drawing to a close.

Yep, as much as we don’t want to admit it (and hope that the 2011-12 winter weather will return for another year), it’s just about time to start prepping your home for the cold weather.

Among the activities we’ll be doing is putting our ‘summer cars’ – the convertables and collector vehicles – in storage for another year.

For many of us, April can’t come soon enough. Melting snow means that another glorious summer is almost upon us and we’ll be ready to once again drive around in our favourite wheels with the tops down and the music blaring.

That will happen, if you properly stow your car over the winter.

We all know that for a car to best survive the blustering conditions, it is best stored indoors, or at least under a protective tarp – but if you want to avoid having to have your car ready to be towed in May, be sure to take proper care of it over the winter.

The best bet is to remove the battery before putting it in storage to ensure there is no damage suffered over the winter. Even if it freezes over the winter, some batteries can be recharged when the winter is complete. Head to a local battery professional for more information.

Also, if at all possible, find indoor storage for your car and, of course, outfit it with a proper tarp to avoid dust and other collection over the cold season.