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Pay Dr. Hook Online!

Dr. Hook Towing is committed to making your customer experience as easy and as smooth as possible.

As part of this pledge, we’re pleased to announce that you can now pay online for your service from Dr. Hook. Simply follow this link to head over to our online payment system, securely powered by TD Canada Trust, and you’re done.

The great part about using Dr. Hook Towing’s online payment is that you can pay not only for your own services, but for others as well! That’s right parents, if your teen has an unfortunate incident on a Manitoba highway and requires our roadside assistance, you can pay their bill right away. All you need is the payment amount and the call number.

So if you or a loved one has had an incident that needed Dr. Hook’s attention, click here now to pay online.

Be Safe This Halloween in Winnipeg

We’re just days away from Halloween, the single busiest day of the year for kids in Winnipeg.

This year, Halloween is expected to be fairly chilly with treating time hovering around the 0 mark. This means kids will be dashing quickly door to door, and in all likelihood across streets across residential areas of Winnipeg.

Costumes, of course, don’t necessarily light up well in Winnipeg streets, and with more parents driving their children around to different areas of the city, this could mean more trouble on the road.

So that we can all prevent pedestrian-driver incidents over All Hallow’s Eve, take necessary precautions:

– Drive slowly if you’re commuting. A child can duck out from cars without a moment’s notice.

– Ensure your child’s costume has some reflective material, especially if they will be going with friends and potentially bobbing and weaving through Winnipeg streets.

Be happy this Halloween but be safe.

Dr. Hook wishes all of its customers and Winnipeg a Happy Halloween.

Avoid a Summer Tow – Prep Your Car for Storage

Alas, Summer is drawing to a close.

Yep, as much as we don’t want to admit it (and hope that the 2011-12 winter weather will return for another year), it’s just about time to start prepping your home for the cold weather.

Among the activities we’ll be doing is putting our ‘summer cars’ – the convertables and collector vehicles – in storage for another year.

For many of us, April can’t come soon enough. Melting snow means that another glorious summer is almost upon us and we’ll be ready to once again drive around in our favourite wheels with the tops down and the music blaring.

That will happen, if you properly stow your car over the winter.

We all know that for a car to best survive the blustering conditions, it is best stored indoors, or at least under a protective tarp – but if you want to avoid having to have your car ready to be towed in May, be sure to take proper care of it over the winter.

The best bet is to remove the battery before putting it in storage to ensure there is no damage suffered over the winter. Even if it freezes over the winter, some batteries can be recharged when the winter is complete. Head to a local battery professional for more information.

Also, if at all possible, find indoor storage for your car and, of course, outfit it with a proper tarp to avoid dust and other collection over the cold season.

Watch The Road, not the Phone

Part of driving in the modern era, or doing anything for that matter, is avoiding the temptation to look at your cell phone.

Whether you’re using it to stream music to your car speakers via Bluetooth, answering calls on speaker or using a map app to find our way to our destination.

Now all of these uses are, to an extent, practical and even necessary for travel in the summer; but having said that, the distracted driving factor isn’t worth the risk of having your phone open beside you.

Wherever possible, have a navigator with you who can handle your phone responsibilities. Yes, it’s hard to cut the virtual chord and we’ll eternally joke about backseat drivers, but we have with our cells but its so pertinent that you are properly driving with your eyes ahead on the action that lies ahead.

At the same time, don’t become dependent on others to guide you – if you’re worried about your ride mate falling asleep during your travels, be sure to have proper apps in place. Make sure your GPS has speech capabilities, that your music app is set with all of your playlists, and for your own sanity put your phone on ‘airplane’ mode. We know it’s hard to ignore the beep of a text or an incoming mail, so best is to completely shut off communication streams – it can wait.

Enjoy the summer weekend and drive responsibly.

Thanks are Unneccessary but Appreciated

It’s often been said that a smile is all the thanks someone needs after doing a good deed; at Dr. Hook we believe this to be very true.

We often hear tales of this sort of gratitude from our clients after they have been helped from an unfortunate incident, but occasionally our drivers will also go above and beyond the call of duty – not for just rewards but because it is the right thing to do for the citizens of Winnipeg.

Such was the case last night.

This morning, Winnipeggers tuned into FAB 94.3 and heard Kelly Parker retell the story of one of our drivers who had knocked on his and other doors up and down his street, alerting him of the overnight parking ban while the city cleared residential streets of ice and snow.

Naturally, we were happy to hear that our operator had gone above and beyond in helping our city. We always like to see stories of our drivers doing a good deed in Winnipeg.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Winnipeggers to be conscious of the overnight parking bans. If you’re not sure when your neighbourhood’s streets will be cleared, for an updated schedule from the City of Winnipeg and click here to find out which zone your home is situated in.

Dr. Hook Part of Convoy That Helps Special Olympics

When a call comes from the Winnipeg community, Dr. Hook Towing answers with enthusiasm. We consider it an honour to help organizations throughout our city with their charitable projects that help others. Over course of the next few blogs, we’ll be sharing with you the stories of organizations who we’re happy to support in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Trucking Association has become known for being a true brotherhood in our province, and the kinship is never more visible in Winnipeg than at the annual World’s Largest Truck Convoy.

Taking place every September, the convoy brings together Manitoba companies in a site that is really something to behold.

Dr. Hook was proud to be part of this year’s convoy, which took place on Saturday, September 15. It was one of five concurrent convoys that took place across Canada, including events in Winnipeg, Halifax, Saskatoon, Paris, ON and Moncton, NB.

Across all cities, 351 trucks took part in the convoy and raised almost $200,000 for various charities. The Manitoba convoy alone saw 141 trucks, with more than $65,000 raised for Special Olympics.

What to do if the “Check Engine” Light Comes On

Today’s automobiles are sophisticated machines.  The engine might provide the power, but at the heart of the vehicle is a computer monitoring numerous systems, making compensations for everything from engine temperature to exhaust temperature to the habits of the driver.

When the computer detects a condition that it cannot correct, it will inform the driver, usually by displaying the “Check Engine” light.

Many people don’t notice this indicator on their dashboards, or worse, they ignore it.  “Check Engine” could be displayed for anything from a loose gas cap to failure of a critical engine component that could, if not addressed, destroy the engine.

If your car displays this warning, find out why!  Check any other gauges or warning lights that your car has for other signs of trouble, especially concerning temperature or oil pressure.  Drive the car to a safe location and check to make sure there’s no smoke, steam, leaking liquid, or other signs of trouble.  If you’re comfortable doing so, check the oil level.  Be careful, components under the hood can be extremely hot, especially if there’s been a malfunction.

If you don’t find any signs of immediate problems, it’s likely okay to drive the car (preferably to a mechanic for service).  If you’ve found any of the above problems, or anything else that suggests that something’s not right with your car (noises, smells, etc.) then don’t risk damage – call the experts at Dr. Hook Towing and Recovery for roadside assistance.  A uniformed, trained professional will be dispatched to your location, and will be able to help diagnose the problem further.  If possible, you can continue your journey.  Should your vehicle require towing, Dr. Hook can arrange for speedy and safe transport for your vehicle to wherever you choose.  To reach Dr. Hook, Call 956-HOOK (4665) or Toll Free 1-800-561-4665.  To enroll in the Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Program, which assures speedy service even peak usage times, visit this link.

Dr Hook Contributes to Breast Cancer Awareness

We are proud to introduce our newly colored truck to our fleet of Winnipeg Tow Trucks.

As part of our contribution to bringing awareness to the battle against Breast Cancer, we have recently taken one of our brand new tow truck and wrapped in pink.

The Breast Cancer Awareness truck will be driving the streets of Winnipeg helping not only those who require Roadside Assistance, but those fighting breast cancer.

Stay tuned to find out more on the Dr. Hook Breast Cancer Awareness tow truck.

Our Business is Keeping Your Business Moving

Your business runs on wheels, and your customers rely on you to keep those wheels rolling. Late deliveries, missed appointments and lost man-hours cost money. When one of your rigs breaks down, you need to know that there’s prompt, professional help just a phone call away.  Getting the right equipment to the scene as quickly as possible is essential to your bottom line. You can’t afford  long waits, or hit-and-miss phone calls. You need to get your vehicle back in service as quickly as possible, and your driver out of harm’s way. You need one phone number you know you can dial to reach people who will get those wheels rolling for you again, safely and efficiently.

At Dr. Hook Towing, that’s not just our business, it’s our commitment to you. With over 600 years of combined experience, and more than 65 state-of-the-art vehicles available to handle any size job, our team of highly-trained professionals is dedicated to delivering courteous and efficient service to every customer, on every service call. Our business is helping people, and treating each person with dignity and respect. So when you make that call, know that you can rely on Dr. Hook Towing to dispatch the best-trained, best-equipped heavy equipment towing operators in Manitoba, to keep your business moving.