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Avoid a Summer Tow – Prep Your Car for Storage

Alas, Summer is drawing to a close.

Yep, as much as we don’t want to admit it (and hope that the 2011-12 winter weather will return for another year), it’s just about time to start prepping your home for the cold weather.

Among the activities we’ll be doing is putting our ‘summer cars’ – the convertables and collector vehicles – in storage for another year.

For many of us, April can’t come soon enough. Melting snow means that another glorious summer is almost upon us and we’ll be ready to once again drive around in our favourite wheels with the tops down and the music blaring.

That will happen, if you properly stow your car over the winter.

We all know that for a car to best survive the blustering conditions, it is best stored indoors, or at least under a protective tarp – but if you want to avoid having to have your car ready to be towed in May, be sure to take proper care of it over the winter.

The best bet is to remove the battery before putting it in storage to ensure there is no damage suffered over the winter. Even if it freezes over the winter, some batteries can be recharged when the winter is complete. Head to a local battery professional for more information.

Also, if at all possible, find indoor storage for your car and, of course, outfit it with a proper tarp to avoid dust and other collection over the cold season.