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We Are In The Business of Helping People

carDr. Hook Towing is always ready to help, no matter what the circumstance may be. Here are a few recent testimonials from our customers:

I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciated one of your drivers, Karl, on a recent vehicle tow. On Sunday, my vehicle seized and wouldn’t start. Upon arrival (which was very quick by the way), Karl noticed that I was with my 5 year old daughter who was holding a present – we were on-route to a birthday party at Skyzone at the time. He asked if we had a ride, I said I was just going to call a cab from Ikea, and he then offered us a ride to the party! My daughter was thrilled that she got there in time and didn’t miss anything (as well as got a ride in a huge truck). Since Karl was heading to the PointeWest Auto Park to drop off my vehicle, and I’m in St. James, he also dropped me off since I was on his way. I’m sure that providing rides to customers isn’t a regular thing, but I have to tell you that it really meant the world to my daughter that she was able to get to her party and going that extra mile was greatly appreciated by me. Please pass on my thanks again to Karl and please forward this note to his supervisor.

D’Arcy L.

I wanted to tell you about exceptional service that we received from Shane on Tuesday. My husband’s jeep was being loaded into a moving semi-trailer and the ramps shifted, dropping the rear wheels to the ground, leaving the front wheels inside the semi-trailer. Shane was called to get the jeep safely into the semi-trailer. When he arrived we were very upset about the events but he explained every step he was doing and provided us with the reassurance we needed. He expertly got the jeep into the semi without causing any further damage. I know that this was not an easy task and we wanted to let you know that we appreciated his expertise and professionalism.

Thank you,
Myrna and Dean S.

I just want to drop you a line about one of your drivers. Last Wednesday I locked the keys in my truck at a Tim Hortons parking lot. One of your drivers took time out of his day to give me a hand. Literally within a minute he unlocked the door for me. I offered to buy him a coffee, which he politely declined. With a hand shake and a smile he was gone. Going forward I will call Dr. Hook for all my towing and road emergency services. And recommend your organization any opportunity I have because of that individual. His truck was 467.

Ed G.

To view more testimonials, click here. For roadside assistance, tow truck service or vehicle recovery in the U.S. and Canada, call 1-800-561-4665 or Dr. Hook Towing online.

Peace of Mind on the Road

If you are a driver, you may have experienced a problem with your vehicle while out on the road. Whether your car won’t start, a flat tire, ran out of gas or locked your keys in your car. Whatever the situation might have been and whether your are an experienced driver or not, you know the immense amount of frustration and panic that most likely kicked in.  Think others would feel the same?  You’re probably right. Why not help out a fellow driver by offering a Dr. Hook prepaid gift card. This takes the hassle out of trying to figure out what to do when caught in a jam. Plus, providing that extra financial help during an emergency situation is an added bonus.

Not sure who to give it to? Dr. Hook offers complete roadside assistance to every type of vehicle, from cars to big rigs. We also provide roadside assistance to company vehicles.

Our employees are constantly trained, upgraded, and certified in all aspects of the Towing and Recovery Industry. All our calls are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Make driving one step easier by offering someone a Dr. Hook pre-paid gift card.  You may conveniently purchase a gift card on our website or learn more about Roadside Assistance.

Thanks are Unneccessary but Appreciated

It’s often been said that a smile is all the thanks someone needs after doing a good deed; at Dr. Hook we believe this to be very true.

We often hear tales of this sort of gratitude from our clients after they have been helped from an unfortunate incident, but occasionally our drivers will also go above and beyond the call of duty – not for just rewards but because it is the right thing to do for the citizens of Winnipeg.

Such was the case last night.

This morning, Winnipeggers tuned into FAB 94.3 and heard Kelly Parker retell the story of one of our drivers who had knocked on his and other doors up and down his street, alerting him of the overnight parking ban while the city cleared residential streets of ice and snow.

Naturally, we were happy to hear that our operator had gone above and beyond in helping our city. We always like to see stories of our drivers doing a good deed in Winnipeg.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Winnipeggers to be conscious of the overnight parking bans. If you’re not sure when your neighbourhood’s streets will be cleared, for an updated schedule from the City of Winnipeg and click here to find out which zone your home is situated in.

Do You Need Four-Wheel Drive?

While most of us are accustomed to having the option of upgrading a new automobile to four-wheel drive, recently, many makes and models are coming standard with four Wheel drive. Honda and Volkswagen are the first makers to bypass the idea of giving an option to customers and are only putting four-wheel drive on some models. Other makers are extending this traditionally SUV/truck option to their smaller, sedan models. Many still question whether this is actually a needed feature or just a way for car companies to make more money. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having four-wheel drive.

(1) Lack of crash tests studies
Although four-wheel drive increases traction, control and handling, it is a feature that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not fully tested. Although “all”-wheel drive is considered a safety feature in many publications, NHTSA has not officially named “four”-wheel drive as a safety feature.

(2) Most people DO NOT need it
With a price tag close to $2000, four-wheel drive is a feature that rarely pays for itself. Unless you live in extreme climates or environments such as mountains, you will likely never need this feature. Typically, automobiles with front wheel drive fare just as well as four-wheel drive in snow. Blizzards and ice storms may require four-wheel drive, but most people do not leave the comfort of their home (and aren’t recommended to leave) during these conditions.

Before you decide on a new model and its features, realistically consider the situations you will find yourself. If you happen to be a park ranger in a mountain community, then four-wheel drive is required. If you are a commuter in a northern environment, most often, you will require a simple front-wheel drive automobile.

Winter Vehicle Equipment and Supply Checkup

Canadian winters can be challenging for even the most seasoned driver. Weather and road conditions can be unpredictable, which makes advanced driving skill vital. Drivers must have the ability to maneuver quickly and adjust their speed promptly. In winter conditions, this can be difficult. Without the proper equipment and control, it can be impossible.

The first rule is to be aware. Always drive a bit slower in winter conditions. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and maintain control. This means maintaining control of your vehicle and your emotions.

To keep your car winter-ready, have your battery, belts, radiator, hoses, tire pressure, lights, brakes, exhaust system, heater, wipers and ignition system checked. Do this BEFORE the first storm.

Maintain enough washer fluid to last you through the winter. Washer fluid should be able to withstand -40 degrees Celsius.

Before your start your journey for the day, remove the snow and ice from your car. Skipping this step will ensure that ice goes flying into the windshield of the person behind you, possibly causing an accident.

Keep your gas tank above a quarter tank.

Check the tread on your tires. Be sure to check your spare tire with every oil change.

All season tires may be suitable in some areas, but winter tires are required in the northern-most parts of Canada. They improve traction on snow, ice and slush.

Be sure your car is equipped with: an ice scraper, shovel, traction sand, jumper cables, road flares, flashlight with extra batteries, fire extinguisher, extra blanket, non-perishable food items, candle and tin can and matches. These items will be required if you are stopped for more than an hour.

With holidays, family vacations and the warmth of a roaring fire, winter can be the greatest time of year. Being stranded on the side of the road is certainly not what we envision for ourselves. Be sure this doesn’t happen to you and always be prepared.

Why Us?

Well, that answer is easy….not simple, but easy.  First and foremost, Dr. Hook has a proven reputation for having a give-and-take relationship with our community.  We happily take the honor of being known as the best, and we give back everything we can to our community.  We contribute back to our community through numerous different programs including Teddy Bear Picnic, Children’s Festivals and Events, United Way Semi Truck Pull, Relay for Life, and many more.

Secondly, we are known for our safety measures to protect our employees, our customers, and the public.  We make sure all of our employees are trained to the fullest extent, and continue this training on a daily basis.  We are certified and insured through numerous different industry leading training programs, and were recently a huge part of the passing of the “Move Over Law” for Tow Trucks, further protecting the public.  Our staff wears additional clothing and equipment, including reflective vests, hard hats, and safety glasses, to push our safety measures even further.

Third, we are the “big dog”.  We are the largest, and most professional towing company in the area and always provide first class service.  Our fleet is large, and in-charge, and consists of more than 10 Heavy Duty Trucks, numerous Medium and Light Duty trucks, over 12 Tilt Deck Trucks, a Trailer Division, and an Air Cushion Recovery Division, all being operated by certified and insured operators.  Add our GPS Dispatch Technology and Roadside Assistance Program, and you have your answer.

That is why we are the Best!

Equipment Moving – Emergent Services

Being ranked number one is not an honor we take lightly here at Dr. Hook. We strive to maintain our spot in the towing industry on a daily and even hourly basis. We keep up with the most efficient technology, have the highest trained staff, and our machinery and equipment is second to none. We have equipment that is immediate, and on-demand for almost anything you can think of. Drove your plane into a lake? We will be the ones to fish it out, quickly, efficiently, and always with our famous “first class” customer service.

All of our emergency equipment and operators are certified and fully insured. Our equipment ranges from Heavy Duty, Light Duty, Tilt Decks, and even Air cushion Recovery. The Heavy Duty Trucks are the 3 axle trucks that can tow up to 50 tons. These are the trucks that we use for Motor vehicles, Buses, and any other large vehicle that needs towing. Our Tilt Decks are what we use for items such as jungle gyms, golf carts, bobcats, boats, etc. And that predicament that we’ve all seen once or twice before: the jackknifed semi, or that plane that is supposed to be in the air, not in the lake. For those instances we have our Air Cushion Recovery Units. We use these for uprighting large vehicles, up to 5 ton trucks, over-turned containers, and sunken treasures….I mean, airplanes. As with all our services, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These situations don’t always happen Monday thru Friday, so we are available every day.

Roadside Assistance Program

We pride ourselves on being the company that can give assistance in your time of need, therefore, our Emergency Roadside Assistance Program is the core of our company. We utilize our professional staff and our state of the art dispatch technology to bring you prompt and courtesy assistance. Whether it is a flat tire, running off the road, or trying to make it that extra exit without a fill-up. We’ve all been there, and we would love to be the one that you call on when help is needed most.

As with every aspect of our business, our Roadside Assistance Program exceeds the expectations of our clients, and we are rated higher than all of our competitors. At Dr. Hook, members come first, and always will. Our emergency and urgent services are provided with the utmost promptness and professionalism. Our trained customer service professionals answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They dispatch your call and an exact arrival time is given. You are then greeted by a uniformed, trained professional, and treated to a first-class experience from start to finish. Our services include: changing a flat tire, refilling gas, dead battery jumps, or helping with a wrong turn into a ditch. These instances are daunting, and troubling for all of us, but they are a fact of life. We would love to be the ones to make your fact of life as easy as possible.

GPS Technology – Efficiency in Dispatch

Dr. Hook is proud of being ahead of the game and staying current with the times.  We pride ourselves on our excellent GPS technology, and our top spot in the towing industry.  We have over 65 various towing vehicles that allow us to stay in the top ranking spot of Canada’s towing companies.  These vehicles aren’t the simple beastly trucks you are used to seeing on the road.  They are equipped with state-of the-art GPS tracking technology.  What does that mean to you?  The benefits for this technology are endless, and mutually shared between you as a customer and us as a company.

First and foremost, the GPS tracking basically turns our dispatchers into air traffic controllers.  It gives them the ability to see the locations of all vehicles in “real time” and helps with the efficiency of helping our customers, which is always our first priority.   GPS allows us to pinpoint, at any time, where our fleet of vehicles are, which calls have the highest priority, which trucks are en-route, and an almost exact to-the-second arrival time, as well as distinguishing which “type” of truck is nearest to each call location.  This allows us to stay ahead of the competition, and provides tools necessary to keep our customer service, speed, and accuracy above the rest.  Behind the scenes, it also allows us to run more efficiently, simplify staff training, reduces costs, and reduces idle working hours, which means more savings for us.  And you guessed it, more savings for you, the customer.