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The Value of Safety Training

The last 10 years has brought forward an emphasis on safety for workers resulting in multiple certification options. At Dr. Hook we have always been whole heartedly committed to the safety of our operators, as evidenced in our focal support of the Move Over Law.

Safety is not a one time investment and requires a continued focus. Recently, we had 40 operators attend a WreckMaster course and obtain their Level 2/3 certification. Wreckmaster is an internationally recognized leader in the industry training over 30,000 operators to date. This was a 2 day course which consisted of 8 hours of classroom and 8 hours of hands on field instruction.

In this level, tow operators will learn Recovery, Resistance, Towing Cars/Trucks, Up-righting and Upsets, with or without wheels. We show them how much effort it takes to move a car using different attachment techniques, how to incorporate predictability and efficiency and most importantly they learn how to use their equipment safely and efficiently.

We hope you enjoy a sampling below of the training, giving some indication of a day in the life of a tow operator. And we congratulate our team on attending and succeeding in this important training session.

Tow Truck Training

World’s Largest Truck Convoy 2014

On September 6th, the 7th Annual World’s Largest Truck Convoy was held in support of Special Olympics Manitoba. This year there were a record 190 trucks that participated and raised a grand total of $59,000!

Dr. Hook was happy to be a part of this great event to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympic athletes. Thank you to all the drivers who participated.

Dr. Hook was #PullingForThePeg

We huffed, we puffed, and we pulled the truck down!

We had a great time participating in the 5th annual Manitoba Trucking Association Truck Pull for United Way last week. There was a great turnout and more importantly it raised $6000 for the community!

We were the returning champions, we didn’t win this year, but still “pulled it together”. Thanks to all the Dr. Hook team members that participated.

Dr. Hook Towing

Dr. Hook Gift Cards for All Seasons… and No Reasons

At long last, the gift-giving season is over.

Christmas and Valentine’s Day, unquestionably, are the two biggest present times of the year. Leaving aside birthdays and anniversaries, you’re more likely to spend money on someone else in late December and early February than any other time of the year.

Just because these seasons are finished, however, doesn’t mean that kindness stops; in fact, the best way to show someone you care is to give them a gift during one of the ‘off seasons’ when a gift is least expected.

One of those times is now, when you’re clear of the holidays and into a dreary time between Valentine’s Day and Easter, where the snowy weather is giving one last inclimate push before the mess of melt happens.

This is going to be a problematic driving time ahead for Winnipeggers, as slush and melt turn frozen overnight on a regular basis and leave an air of unpredictability when you head out in the morning or leave an event in the evening.

Arm your loved one in case a roadside emergency occurs with a Dr. Hook gift card. These refillable cards can be ordered in a variety of denominations and help you make sure those close to you have a safety net should an accident occur.

For more on Dr. Hook gift cards, click here or call 204 956 HOOK today.

Stay safe Winnipeg!

Dr. Hook Will Be Out in Winnipeg Tonight for New Years Service

While tonight’s festivities roll on, we do want to remind Winnipeg that New Year’s Eve comes with its challenges on the road, especially for 2013.

Most Winnipeggers, by now, know that there is an inherent caution that comes with travel on NYE 2013 – people for whatever reason will err in their judgement and unfortunately pull-overs by Winnipeg Police do occur due to intoxication.

We say this every year but it certainly bears repeating – if you have any, and we mean any trepidation of getting behind the wheel tonight, then we strongly encourage cabbing, using Operation Red Nose or finding a designated driver who has not consumed a single ounce of alcohol.

But the greater concern this year is the unseasonably cold temperatures. The unfortunate reality is that heading out to a party could mean not being able to plug in your car and coming out, at say 1:30am, to a car that won’t start.

If this situation does happen to you, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Hook Towing in Winnipeg. We will be on call for you tonight should you run into any problems and require our roadside assistance.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year celebration!

Stay Safe This Holiday Season, Winnipeg

Winnipeg is just about to head into its busiest traffic season – the holiday season.

Yes, Christmas Day travel is limited but Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are three of the highest days of the year in terms of traffic volume, and when traffic is high it means there is a higher propensity for traffic accidents.

With winter conditions being what they are this year, we cannot emphasize enough that you should take extreme caution on the road. By now we’re fairly accustomed to the concerns of drunk drivers, but we’re not as cognizant of the distracted driver or the road-rage driver. Between Smartphones (despite the legal implications) and the mad dash drivers make to beat the lineups for door crashers, Winnipeg turns into a free-for-all on roads which can be extremely hazardous.

We know the anxiousness that comes with the season, but we highly, highly recommend that it is better to take care and arrive late than to try to rush and run the risk of needing our trucks.

Have a safe holiday season.

Dr. Hook In The Community – United Way Truck Pull

When a call comes from the Winnipeg community, Dr. Hook Towing answers with enthusiasm. We consider it an honour to help organizations throughout our city with their charitable projects that help others.

As an organization, the Manitoba Trucking Association is one of the most supportive groups of community activities in Manitoba, and it gives us great pride to be part of their fundraising initiatives when the opportunity presents itself.

One of our favourite events, year in and year out, is the Truck Pull for United Way. Six teams ‘competed’ this year in groups of 10 for the top award, as full-size trucks were manpowered around the Polo Park parking lot.

The sight drew spectators and on-looks from passing traffic. It was certainly a wonder to see as we competed alongside Big Freight Systems Inc., Payne Transportation LP, Bison Transport Inc., Maxim Truck and Trailer, Cummins Inc. and defending champions Sysco Food Services.

As you may have already heard, Dr. Hook’s “Team Hooked Up” won the competition. While we were elated to share the victory with staff, we were even more excited about the money raised from the one-day event: $3,500 going to United Way Winnipeg, raised in under two hours!

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who made a donation to support this fun afternoon event and worthy cause.

Dr. Hook In The Community: Richer Roughstock Rodeo

Quick – name your favourite summertime activity that involves horses, bulls and other livestock.

If you said rodeo, then you’re thinking is along the lines of ours, and you may very well have been at one of our latest community projects – the Richer Roughstock Rodeo.

Dr Hook Richer RodeioTaking place earlier this month – August 9 to 11 – the rodeo included the feature event, along with mechanical bullrides, kids activities, a social evening and plenty of other activities.

The rodeo wasn’t just an opportunity to get out in the warm Manitoba summer weather for heart-pounding action though – funds raised also had a charitable aspect. A pancake breakfast held Sunday benefited the Richer Day Care.

Dr. Hook was happy to once again be able to help in community efforts. We provided donated services of transporting bleachers to and from Richer for this important event.

We’re always happy to see the appreciation on the faces of community members. What’s important to Manitoba is, indeed, important to us.