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Santa Claus is Coming To Town

2015 Dr. Hook & RE/MAX float

2015 Dr. Hook & RE/MAX float. Image Credit: Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade

There may not be any snow on the ground yet and current temperatures may feel more like Spring but the time has arrived for the annual Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade.

We always are committed to giving back to the community which is why we are a 2016 Sponsor of the Winnipeg Santa Claus parade. We have once again partnered with Re/Max so make sure to watch out for our float!

The parade has a long tradition in Winnipeg and we are so honoured to have the opportunity to join with other Winnipeg businesses and organizations for this annual event.

The parade will span 17 blocks in Winnipeg’s downtown area. An estimated total of 34,000 people will be in attendance (2,000 people per block!). The weather is looking great for Saturday. So be sure to come early to grab a spot and enjoy the parade on November, 12, 2016. Block parties start at 4 pm and the parade is at 5 pm. More information is available on the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade website.

Dr. Hook Won’t Leave You Out In The Cold

Dr. Hook Towing“We wouldn’t want to leave anyone out in the cold, especially in these extreme weather conditions. This winter has been extremely busy, but we do our best to make sure we get to our customers as fast as we can”, President Nick Roscoe.

At the mid-point of another Manitoba winter, we thought we would take a moment to share some of our client experiences so far this season:

On January 6, 2015, we received a call from Adrienne. She told us, “To the driver and CSR’s from Sunday,¬† the service was amazing and very quick.” Adrienne is a long-time member of a well-known Manitoba auto service company and was amazed with how much better she was treated with Dr. Hook. She wanted to take the time to let us know what an awesome job we are were doing.

Another customer called on December 29, 2014. She was so impressed with our prompt service and wanted to let us know that Driver 494 is an awesome representative of the company. “He was very helpful and polite, and just a great guy.” She was also amazed that we were able to get someone to her location within 30 minutes.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your business and for trusting Dr. Hook to help you with roadside assistance.

Have we helped you recently? What do you think of our service? We would love to hear from you. Submit a testimonial of your own or read more here.

Roadside Assistance for All Sizes

By now, you’re very familiar with Dr. Hook’s capacity to tow cars and trucks across Winnipeg.

Medium Duty trucks ready for dispatch from Dr. Hook TowingBut our tow capabilities go far and beyond the types of company vehicles you might see on the road normally – we’ve towed everything from buses to big rigs.

This is where some of our specialty divisions start to be dispatched.

Medium Duty

This is the starting point for some of the bigger vehicle tows.

Some of the past work for our medium duty trucks have included extraction of work vehicles from submersion on job sites or in problem areas such as deep snow, mud or ditches. We’ve also used our Medium Duty vehicles to assist in tows for disabled busses and vans.

Heavy Duty

From tractor and trailer towing to wreckmaster certified operators, our heavy duty division is able to winch vehicles up to 1 million tons. Likely, that’s more than we’ll ever have to do for your Winnipeg company, but we’re up to the challenge that you may throw at us.

Air Cushion Recovery

You may not believe this until you see it (but we hope you don’t have to).

This technology uses large air-filled cushions to lift turned vehicles – from cars to 5 ton trucks – getting them upright on the road. This unique process has even been used to lift sunken airplanes and even lift and level cottages!

To learn more about our commercial vehicle assistance capabilities, call Dr. Hook today at 204-956-4665 or fill out our contact form now.

Colder Temperatures Return – Adjust Your Driving Winnipeg!

Chances are you awoke this morning to a bit of a chill – that’s because Winter has come back to Winnipeg.

While the last week has had more moderate temperatures, which even allowed for some slush and melt to develop, this week we are back to freeze-over temperatures.

Unfortunately, this means that slick roads can develop again, right after a snowfall like we saw last night and can cause some havoc on Winnipeg roads.

Perhaps more importantly, it also means that drivers need to adjust back to ‘winter driving’ habits. For a period we were able to zip down streets at higher speeds, not worrying as much about fishtailing. At least for the next week, that can’t happen, lest you end up needing roadside assistance.

Remember Winnipeg – driving alert to the conditions and the vehicles around you is the number one way to ensure your travels are safe and sound.

Stay warm Winnipeg!

Stay Safe This Holiday Season, Winnipeg

Winnipeg is just about to head into its busiest traffic season – the holiday season.

Yes, Christmas Day travel is limited but Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are three of the highest days of the year in terms of traffic volume, and when traffic is high it means there is a higher propensity for traffic accidents.

With winter conditions being what they are this year, we cannot emphasize enough that you should take extreme caution on the road. By now we’re fairly accustomed to the concerns of drunk drivers, but we’re not as cognizant of the distracted driver or the road-rage driver. Between Smartphones (despite the legal implications) and the mad dash drivers make to beat the lineups for door crashers, Winnipeg turns into a free-for-all on roads which can be extremely hazardous.

We know the anxiousness that comes with the season, but we highly, highly recommend that it is better to take care and arrive late than to try to rush and run the risk of needing our trucks.

Have a safe holiday season.

Remedies for Frozen Car Doors

If there’s anything worse than a back lane or street that hasn’t been plowed, making Winnipeg roads torturous, it’s not being able to get into your car in the first place.

We’re not talking about locking your keys in the car or forgetting them at the office after security locks up; instead we’re talking about that rather unfortunate where snow and ice have built up so much that you literally can’t open the door.

This is one of those cases where home remedies may be your best solution.

One of the tricks we always hear about¬† is using a hot air dryer to melt the ice buildup. It’s pretty practical if it can be achieved, but that can be hard to do if you’re parked away from a power outlet or, you know, have a hot air dryer.

So we crawled the web in search of some other handy tips for opening your car, and here are a few home remedies for your frozen four-wheel.

1. Praise Lifehacker for this gem – hand sanitizer, which seemingly everyone carries these days, can be used as a lock de-icer.

2. WikiHow offers up five suggestions (including our aforementioned hot air dryyer), the simplest? Push on your car door to break the frozen seal.

3. Catalogs.com, appropriately, has a variety of methods listed. Heating a key with a lighter, if available, isn’t a bad step.

Of course, lock de-icer is still the best solution, but if you don’t have this at the ready, then you now have some more solutions in your back pocket.

Stay warm Winnipeg!

Watch The Road, not the Phone

Part of driving in the modern era, or doing anything for that matter, is avoiding the temptation to look at your cell phone.

Whether you’re using it to stream music to your car speakers via Bluetooth, answering calls on speaker or using a map app to find our way to our destination.

Now all of these uses are, to an extent, practical and even necessary for travel in the summer; but having said that, the distracted driving factor isn’t worth the risk of having your phone open beside you.

Wherever possible, have a navigator with you who can handle your phone responsibilities. Yes, it’s hard to cut the virtual chord and we’ll eternally joke about backseat drivers, but we have with our cells but its so pertinent that you are properly driving with your eyes ahead on the action that lies ahead.

At the same time, don’t become dependent on others to guide you – if you’re worried about your ride mate falling asleep during your travels, be sure to have proper apps in place. Make sure your GPS has speech capabilities, that your music app is set with all of your playlists, and for your own sanity put your phone on ‘airplane’ mode. We know it’s hard to ignore the beep of a text or an incoming mail, so best is to completely shut off communication streams – it can wait.

Enjoy the summer weekend and drive responsibly.