Colder Temperatures Return – Adjust Your Driving Winnipeg!

Chances are you awoke this morning to a bit of a chill – that’s because Winter has come back to Winnipeg.

While the last week has had more moderate temperatures, which even allowed for some slush and melt to develop, this week we are back to freeze-over temperatures.

Unfortunately, this means that slick roads can develop again, right after a snowfall like we saw last night and can cause some havoc on Winnipeg roads.

Perhaps more importantly, it also means that drivers need to adjust back to ‘winter driving’ habits. For a period we were able to zip down streets at higher speeds, not worrying as much about fishtailing. At least for the next week, that can’t happen, lest you end up needing roadside assistance.

Remember Winnipeg – driving alert to the conditions and the vehicles around you is the number one way to ensure your travels are safe and sound.

Stay warm Winnipeg!