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Dr. Hook Gift Cards for All Seasons… and No Reasons

At long last, the gift-giving season is over.

Christmas and Valentine’s Day, unquestionably, are the two biggest present times of the year. Leaving aside birthdays and anniversaries, you’re more likely to spend money on someone else in late December and early February than any other time of the year.

Just because these seasons are finished, however, doesn’t mean that kindness stops; in fact, the best way to show someone you care is to give them a gift during one of the ‘off seasons’ when a gift is least expected.

One of those times is now, when you’re clear of the holidays and into a dreary time between Valentine’s Day and Easter, where the snowy weather is giving one last inclimate push before the mess of melt happens.

This is going to be a problematic driving time ahead for Winnipeggers, as slush and melt turn frozen overnight on a regular basis and leave an air of unpredictability when you head out in the morning or leave an event in the evening.

Arm your loved one in case a roadside emergency occurs with a Dr. Hook gift card. These refillable cards can be ordered in a variety of denominations and help you make sure those close to you have a safety net should an accident occur.

For more on Dr. Hook gift cards, click here or call 204 956 HOOK today.

Stay safe Winnipeg!

Introducing Our Prepaid Roadside Assistance Gift Card

Dr. Hook Gift CardWhen it comes to driving in Manitoba, stuff happens.

On a busy thoroughfare, a dark highway or on your own residential street, we encounter all kinds of mishaps from dead batteries to flat tires.

In days of yore, this is what we had our ‘Emergency 20’ for. You remember this – the single bill you’d fold into your license and hold for that time when you needed roadside assistance.

And yet, even though we knew that $20 bill had a very useful and understandable purpose, we’d use it for other things en route. Maybe we “needed” to roll through McDonald’s or legitimately were out of cash when we went to the grocer. Either way, that Emergency 20 wasn’t there, often when you needed it most.

Recognizing the eternal peril of not having this money when the worst happens, Dr. Hook has the perfect solution for you – our new Prepaid Roadside Assistance Gift Card. Now, you can load up your card and be prepared if you ever run into trouble on the roads in Winnipeg or across Manitoba.

The best news is that ordering your prepaid gift card is as easy as a few keystrokes. Simply click here to access our purchase page and you’re well on your way to peace of mind, either for yourself or for someone you love.

Our gift cards never expire, and there is no membership required.

Remember – Dr. Hook Towing in Winnipeg offers 24 hour-a-day service year round. If you’re in need of roadside assistance in Manitoba, call us right away at 204 956 4665.