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We’re Ready This Easter Weekend

We’re in the midst of one of the most unique weeks in Winnipeg’s recent history.

Not only is it spring break for schools across Manitoba, but it’s also Good Friday and Easter weekend upcoming, not to mention Passover.

In combination, this means that traffic patterns are going to, quite literally, be all over the place. Our normal driving routines of 8:30 to work, 5:00 home will be almost non-existent as we go forward with an unusual set of paths – taking kids to the Museum, loading the family in the minivan to head to grandma’s… yep, it’s certainly not business as usual.

Add to this the recent snowfall and melt (hopefully the last for us!), and you’ve got a real mess on our streets and highways, even before the potential for accidents that can stall traffic and make you late for your various events.

At this point we do want to note to you that if you find yourself in an emergency and require roadside assistance from Dr. Hook, we will be available. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your needs.

We wish you and your family all the best during this season. Enjoy this time of year with your family.

Beware the Re-Freeze!

We were so close… so very, very close to winter being over.

With warmer temperatures over the last few days, pavement and asphalt could be seen again on sidewalks and streets, or at least through murky puddles. Like little kids, we would happily splash through these mini basins of water as we drove to and fro. Sure, we were still digging ourselves out of another large snowfall, but the end was in sight – our warmer days were in sight and we would soon be in the clear.

Then Tuesday evening happened.

With temperatures dropping into the -20 region overnight, freezing once again became an issue on Winnipeg streets, and with that comes the everpresent reminder of cautious driving.

Unfortunately, this cycle isn’t looking like it will slow down any time soon.

With this in mind, we want to encourage you to be mindful of road – and especially highway conditions around Winnipeg. Blowing snow from the previous fall (and another forecast to be on its way next week) is going to make driving harder, along with melt-and-freeze temperatures that look to take us almost through the end of the month.

Should an emergency arise, don’t hesitate for a moment to call Winnipeg’s towing experts. We provide roadside assistance both in the city and outside the perimeter, and can help get you back on the road.

Winter Vehicle Equipment and Supply Checkup

Canadian winters can be challenging for even the most seasoned driver. Weather and road conditions can be unpredictable, which makes advanced driving skill vital. Drivers must have the ability to maneuver quickly and adjust their speed promptly. In winter conditions, this can be difficult. Without the proper equipment and control, it can be impossible.

The first rule is to be aware. Always drive a bit slower in winter conditions. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and maintain control. This means maintaining control of your vehicle and your emotions.

To keep your car winter-ready, have your battery, belts, radiator, hoses, tire pressure, lights, brakes, exhaust system, heater, wipers and ignition system checked. Do this BEFORE the first storm.

Maintain enough washer fluid to last you through the winter. Washer fluid should be able to withstand -40 degrees Celsius.

Before your start your journey for the day, remove the snow and ice from your car. Skipping this step will ensure that ice goes flying into the windshield of the person behind you, possibly causing an accident.

Keep your gas tank above a quarter tank.

Check the tread on your tires. Be sure to check your spare tire with every oil change.

All season tires may be suitable in some areas, but winter tires are required in the northern-most parts of Canada. They improve traction on snow, ice and slush.

Be sure your car is equipped with: an ice scraper, shovel, traction sand, jumper cables, road flares, flashlight with extra batteries, fire extinguisher, extra blanket, non-perishable food items, candle and tin can and matches. These items will be required if you are stopped for more than an hour.

With holidays, family vacations and the warmth of a roaring fire, winter can be the greatest time of year. Being stranded on the side of the road is certainly not what we envision for ourselves. Be sure this doesn’t happen to you and always be prepared.

Roadside Assistance Program

We understand accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why our Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Join our Roadside Assistance Program today to receive priority service. The program is free to join and has no monthly fees. Give yourself a peace of mind this winter season.

What to keep in Your Winter Car Emergency Kit

For those who live in areas with extreme weather conditions, you are probably aware of the risk of accidents and being stranded. Emergency kits should be prepared for carrying in the car year-round, but the winter months will require additional supplies.

Year-round Supplies
1. Roadside assistance phone number.
2. Battery powered portable radio with extra batteries.
3. Distress sign, or white towel to tie on your antenna.
4. A Compass
5. Emergency flares, and emergency warning triangles
6. Disposable camera for accident scene pictures
7. Jumper Cables
8. Extra Fuses
9. Empty Gas Can
10. Mini Fire Extinguisher
11. Flashlight with extra batteries
12. Jack with your spare tire
13. GPS (often available on cell phones)
14. Fix-a-flat
15. Bottled Water
16. Food Bars
17. Emergency $20 bill
18. First Aid Kit
19. Umbrella

Additional Supplies for Winter Months
1. Blanket
2. Chains or Snow tires
3. Sleeping bag in extreme climates
4. Matches and Survival Candles
5. Metal Cup
6. Snow Shovel
7. Windshield Scraper

Although many of these supplies may seem unnecessary or frivolous, temperature under freezing can quickly affect your family. If you are stranded and need to find help, you will need proper food and water. If you are not found within hours, you will need to be able to warm yourself and your family. The above supplies will ensure that you will have the required supplies to survive 24-48 hours in extreme conditions.

Picking A Road Service Program

Deciding you need a roadside assistance program is not a decision to make while stranded, out of gas, or with a flat tire. Before you end up locked out or your car, make this protective decision and add some insurance to your peace of mind. You insure your car from accidents and your home from floods, but what about nails in your tire or dead batteries? Who can solve make those problems easier on your peace of mind? Dr. Hook has the solution for your roadside fears.

When deciding on a roadside assistance program in Winnipeg, be sure to browse our checklist of what you should consider.

(1) Check you vehicle warranty. Some companies offer a roadside assistance program that terminates with the vehicle warranty. Be sure to shop around for another program before your warranty runs out. If your manufacturer does not offer a roadside assistance program or doesn’t offer service in Winnipeg, start your comparison-shopping immediately to prevent unforeseen events.

(2) Be sure to compare the prices per year and beyond. Some companies may offer discounted pricing the first year or a free first month, then double or triple the price in the coming years. Be aware of these deceitful sales tactics. Dr. Hook is a reputable towing company with no sales tricks up our sleeve.

(3) When comparing cost, be sure to compare benefits. Some companies offer only lockout protection, while others offer the entire package. Some may be 9am to 5pm and others, such as Dr. Hook, are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(4) Find out how many towing vehicles and what the estimated response time is. Dr. Hook has an entire fleet of heavy, medium and light duty trucks, as well as GPS dispatch and many more benefits.

(5) Call Dr. Hook and see exactly how we can compare to your current roadside assistance company. We will certainly meet and exceed the currant roadside assistance program you are with.