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When Should I Put On My Winter Tires?

The white stuff has begun to fall in Winnipeg and that, unfortunately, means that winter is fast approaching.

While we have yet to experience our first ‘permanent’ snow, we have seen flakes start to fall and even collect, albeit briefly, on some surfaces. We’re also seeing the thermometer dip below the dreaded 0.

Now this means, of course, that Winnipeg drivers are going to start panicking in their driving habits and there may be a few more incidents on roads in our fair city, which leads to the question of when we should switch over to our winter tires.

Generally speaking, the time to make the changeover is when the temperature is 10 degrees or less consistently; so looking at the forecast over the next few days in Winnipeg (though it will inevitably change), the temperature is going to be in the mid-single digits most of the week, save for Friday when we’re slated to hit 9 Celsius.

While the outlook beyond Friday is looking cooler and cooler, and there is expected snowfall over the next 7 days, the temperature could still shift up and down so be sure to keep an eye on this before deciding to change your tires.

For more winter driving tips in Winnipeg, keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks.

Beware the Re-Freeze!

We were so close… so very, very close to winter being over.

With warmer temperatures over the last few days, pavement and asphalt could be seen again on sidewalks and streets, or at least through murky puddles. Like little kids, we would happily splash through these mini basins of water as we drove to and fro. Sure, we were still digging ourselves out of another large snowfall, but the end was in sight – our warmer days were in sight and we would soon be in the clear.

Then Tuesday evening happened.

With temperatures dropping into the -20 region overnight, freezing once again became an issue on Winnipeg streets, and with that comes the everpresent reminder of cautious driving.

Unfortunately, this cycle isn’t looking like it will slow down any time soon.

With this in mind, we want to encourage you to be mindful of road – and especially highway conditions around Winnipeg. Blowing snow from the previous fall (and another forecast to be on its way next week) is going to make driving harder, along with melt-and-freeze temperatures that look to take us almost through the end of the month.

Should an emergency arise, don’t hesitate for a moment to call Winnipeg’s towing experts. We provide roadside assistance both in the city and outside the perimeter, and can help get you back on the road.