Driving Around on Canada Day

Canada DayPhoto by Shahnoor Habib Munmun – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9389910

It’s almost time to celebrate Canada Day and enjoy the long weekend. There’s a lot of festivities happening in Winnipeg such as taking part of Canada’s largest living map at Shaw Park, the Osborne Village Street Celebration and fireworks at Assiniboine Park, just to name a few.

Wherever your destination is this Canada Day, keep in mind that this is one of the heaviest weekends for driving.

To avoid heavy traffic and parking at Assiniboine Park, Canad Inns is offering a Park N’ Ride until midnight. Just park your vehicle near Canadian Mennonite University, Asper Jewish Community Campus, Seasons of Tuxedo, St. Paul’s High School or Shaftesbury High School and ride Winnipeg Transit to the Park. Winnipeg Transit also has a free shuttle linking the Forks and Osborne Village. There will also be extra late night service scheduled for after the fireworks.

If you are headed to the beach or cottage and are driving longer distances, ensure that you’ve checked your vehicle so that it is ready for the drive. To keep the kids occupied and less chance of distractions while you are driving, have plenty of activities and snacks on hand to keep them busy. It’s important to plan ahead to make sure that your family arrives to and from your celebration points safely.

Have a safe and Happy Canada Day from all of us at Dr. Hook Towing!

What to do if someone is parked in your spot?


Photo by Steve Snodgrass / CC BY 2.0

No signage, a shortage of parking spots, or just plain ignorance. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to parking, drivers are always trying to find the best spot. Which may cause you grief if the spot is yours. So what can you do if this happens to you?

This can get frustrating if this is on private property such as an apartment, townhouse or condo. When someone takes your spot you will most likely need to head towards the designated visitor parking. This creates an annoyance, because you may have to park further than you need to be. You could leave a note on the windshield or if you are able to locate the driver, let them know that they are parked in a designated reserved area for tenants and indicate where visitors typically park. Hopefully, the driver may not have realized that they were infringing on your property. Or if you feel it is necessary, seek guidance from the apartment manager or landlord.

If this happens in your office parking lot you can contact the towing company. This would be considered the extreme action but may be necessary if it is a recurring problem. The parking lot most likely has signs with the name of the towing company in charge of the lot along with their contact information. Give the towing company a call and explain the situation. Once the vehicle is towed, the owner of the vehicle will have to pay a fee and retrieve their vehicle from the impound lot.

For a vehicle to be towed, there must be signage in compliance with the requirements of the by law. Please refer to the City of Winnipeg Private Parking Bylaw #6549/95.

If someone takes your reserved parking space in a parkade, you should be able to speak to the parking lot attendant. They will be familiar with how to proceed with the situation.

If you require Dr. Hook’s assistance or need more information on reclaiming your spot, let us know. We also have approved business lot signage available for sale. Contact us today.

Construction and Rainy Road Conditions

car-in-rainAs you may have noticed, it seems like there is construction happening everywhere causing delays and frustration to many Winnipeg drivers. We wanted to send a reminder because of all the construction and rain we’ve been having that you stay safe on the roads.

One important factor you need to remember when driving in these road conditions, is to adjust your your driving speed. This is not only for your safety but for the construction workers and others around you. According to the Slow Down and Move Over law, Manitoba doubles the fines for speeding in a construction zone.

If you know that you are going to be spending some time caught in traffic, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the drive.

When was the last time you checked on your tires?  They should properly inflated and maintained.

How is your gas tank? Top off your tank so you don’t need to worry about it later.

To be clearly seen on the road by other motorists, all your lights (headlights, signal, brake and taillights) should be in working condition.

Are your windshield wipers working properly? This is to ensure that they maintain proper visibility. There should be enough windshield wiper fluid to help clean away muddy water or dirt to keep your windshield clean.

Despite your best efforts the unforeseen can occur, and breakdowns can happen. If you are caught in a jam, contact Dr. Hook for Roadside Assistance. Our services include towing, flat tires, out of gas, locked keys and battery service. Give us a call and we will help get you back on your way.

Make sure that you take advantage of the Dr. Hook Towing and Recovery’s Guaranteed Roadside Assistance program.  The program is free and as a member, you receive first priority. Since you are a member, we will have all your information already on file, allowing for a quicker response time.

We Can Transport Garden Sheds, Boat Trailers, Campers & More

tilt-deck-towingIt’s mid-May and even if temperatures are not what we would like today, looks like they will eventually heat up! If you are planning ahead and are preparing for the summer season, chances are you may need assistance in getting your larger items transported from one location to another. This is where you may require the services of one of our tilt trucks. A tilt truck is a flatbed vehicle that will tow your vehicle or equipment with all of its wheels off the ground, secured to a platform on the back of the truck. Our Tilt Deck  and Trailer has the capability to transport all types of equipment and items and aren’t limited to just automotive vehicles. Tilt trucks are great for carrying items such as garden sheds, boat trailers, golf carts, campers, swings, utility sheds or other large objects.

We can transport your item within Winnipeg or we even offer long-distance towing. Best to contact us so we can discuss the details and provide you with a quote.

Our tilt truck fleet consists of 17 standard units for loads up to 10,000 lbs (21 foot deck), 1 heavy-duty unit for loads up to 30,000 lbs (26 foot deck) and 2 units capable of 15,000 lbs. Ground and dock loading is available.

Let us know if you are in need of our Tilt Truck services. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Older Drivers on The Road


The number of drivers aged 65 and older is rising in Manitoba and will be continuing to increase. According to Manitoba Public Insurance, by 2021 there will be 161,000 with a valid license and increasing to 226,000 by 2036.

As we age our skills such as vision, hearing and reflexes naturally weaken and aren’t as sharp as they used to be. This is why it’s important for older drivers to take the necessary precautions to remain safe on the roads.

Here are some tips that mature drivers can take to be safe:

  • Seniors are at greater risk at developing eye diseases and conditions that can threaten your eyesight. Once you are 65, it is recommended to have your eyes checked yearly to ensure your vision is well taken care of.
  • Avoid situations that can complicate driving such as bad weather conditions or driving at night.
  • Consider other forms of transportation such as taking a taxi, bus transportation or reach out to family and friends to help.

There are also resources available such as the free Mature Driver Workshop organized by Safety Services Manitoba. This half day workshop is available to those who want to improve their skills and enhance their driving performance. The refresher course will show older drivers how to compensate for any changes that may occur in hearing, vision, flexibility and reaction time. For more information, visit the Safety Services website. This course is helpful, especially if you are unsure about your driving abilities. Simply ignoring your concerns may be putting yourself at risk by getting into a car accident. This may cause harm to not only yourself but to others around you. For more information, tools and resources, visit the Manitoba Public Insurance website.

For roadside assistance or for towing services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, contact Dr. Hook Towing.

Environmental Spills from Vehicle Accidents and Industrial Incidents

EnviroVacIn addition to our two Spill Response Trucks and two Spill Trailers, our mobile En-Viro-Drum Vac Unit can be used to recover a variety of Environmental Spills from vehicle accidents to complex industrial incidents. Whether you are in a crisis response mode or simply need equipment on standby when moving dry or wet substances the Dr. Hook Spill Response units have the equipment to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that will meet your needs.

Our portable vacuum system is capable of vacuuming potentially flammable liquids and solids into open top 205 litre drums. Our Vac System can be used for all types of spill recovery, liquids (regardless of viscosity), powders, or small solid particulates, it is an excellent tool for Skimming contaminated wet lands, creeks, rivers or ponds as well as providing a cost effective standby solution in case of emergency or facility maintenance.

Spills occur in a multitude of locations; site access with large Vac Trucks is not always possible, Our Portable Vac System can be transported easily with our off road vehicles to remote locations or flown in by Helicopter.

For spill cleanup and management, contact Dr. Hook Towing. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1-800-561-4665 or 204-956-4665.

Trucker’s Nightmare – Fatigue on the Road

foodNearly 4,000 people die each year across North America in crashes with large trucks, and driver fatigue is the leading factor in these accidents.

Anyone who drives a truck knows that the regulations regarding time on and off the road are strict, and that an accurate log of time spent behind the wheel versus time spent in the bunk must be kept.

All the regulations in the world, however, cannot guarantee that the driver behind the wheel is rested, no matter how many hours he or she has been off the road.

A sleeper cab isn’t the most comfortable place in the world in which to sleep, and a roadside motel is often worse. Away from home for days or weeks at a time, and under stress to comply with a whole heap of legislation as well as deliver cargo in a timely fashion in surroundings that are often unfamiliar, a driver may find themselves fatigued or “burnt out” even when they are fully compliant with the regulations.

Here are some things drivers can do to help alleviate fatigue on the road:

  1. Take care of themselves. Aside from just sleeping, regular exercise and good nutrition go a long way to making sure that a driver is in the best possible shape to spend hours behind the wheel. Many drivers carry exercise equipment with them, or schedule time to do outdoor activities along their route. Although healthy food is harder to prepare than simply microwaving canned goods, the benefits can last a lifetime.
  2. Don’t Rely on Stimulants – Coffee and sugar are great, but you can’t count on it to provide real alertness that lasts.
  3. Avoid stress. Anxiety causes difficulty with sleep. Learning to relax, and not sweat the small stuff means that the driver behind the wheel is more rested and ready to take care of the most important task – driving the truck.
  4. Know themselves. Regardless of the logbook, it’s incumbent on professional drivers to know when they’re too tired to drive, and take the only appropriate – get off the road and rest until they’re ready to operate safely.

As professionals who see more than our share of accidents, we are first to applaud the safe operators who make the road freight industry as safe as it is. We know that the majority of trucking professionals are just that –professional, and urge them to pass their good habits on to the next generation of truckers.

If you are looking for a provider in Manitoba, call Dr. Hook Towing. We are available 24 hours a day Toll Free 1-800-561-4665.

New to Trucking? Dr. Hook’s Got Your Back

heavy-duty-trucksDriving a truck is a tough proposition. For the right person, it can be extremely rewarding, both financially and personally.

Even the best truck drivers and owner operators will tell you that their first days on the job were among the hardest – that they were nervous, they got lost, and made mistakes. Starting a job behind the wheel of a huge, lumbering diesel truck armed only with a logsheet, a cellphone, and some instructions and heading out into the world is daunting. Lots can go wrong. In talking with a lot of truckers who were once rookies, we’ve heard a lot of war stories. Drivers got hopelessly lost, sent miles off course by their GPS units onto residential streets where there wasn’t enough room to turn the truck around. Accidents, mostly minor, as a result of unfamiliar roads and vehicles – including knocking over a light standard and getting stuck under a low bridge.

Any driver can run their truck out of fuel, but we find more often than not it is a novice who does so. New drivers can find themselves exhausted and nearing the end of their legal driving limit when they’re miles from civilization. Solo drivers, for the first few months of their careers, find themselves adjusting to their new jobs.

Thankfully, it gets better. For the first week, something new and scary will seem to happen once every hour you’re on the job. For the next month, it will fell like it happens every day. After that, weekly. Then, one day you’ll find yourself to be the seasoned veteran, looking back with a chuckle and telling stories of the things that happened to you when you were just starting out.

Until you get there, and even after you do, we’d like to let you know that Dr. Hook Towing has heavy trucks covered. We offer all kinds of services, from out of fuel, boost service and lockout service to full-scale vehicle recovery. We service the Winnipeg area and province wide in Manitoba, call us 24 hours a day Toll Free 1-800-561-4665. Contact us online or learn more about our Heavy Duty Recovery service here.

For Hazardous Spills, Trust our Emergency Spill Response Team


When minutes could compromise your Company’s Name and increase your Environmental Liability and Exposure, trust our Emergency Spill Response Team with your Hazardous Material Spills. We will manage, contain, cleanup and dispose of your Spilled Fluids and Materials safely. Dr. Hook will take care of all spills including Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Oils, Antifreeze, Hydrocarbons and Battery Acid. No matter how small or large your spill is, the situation will be handled safely, correctly and cost efficiently in accordance with Provincial and Federal Regulations.

To continually improve this service to our customers, we have recently added 3 more response units in our Spill Response fleet along with a new vac. We take great precautions in traffic safety so everyone in our team is Certified in Flagging Traffic and Certified Traffic Control Coordinators. We will put up signs and traffic control devices to ensure the cleanup is done in a safe manner not only to you but to others surrounding the site. With our Spill Response Team along with our Towing and Recovery Team we can make sure the job is completed with no hassles.

Our representatives are ready to speak with you at 1-800-561-4665 or in Winnipeg 204-956-4665. At Dr. Hook Towing you will always get prompt service as soon as we receive your call. Learn more about our Emergency Spill Response Services here.