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Construction and Rainy Road Conditions

car-in-rainAs you may have noticed, it seems like there is construction happening everywhere causing delays and frustration to many Winnipeg drivers. We wanted to send a reminder because of all the construction and rain we’ve been having that you stay safe on the roads.

One important factor you need to remember when driving in these road conditions, is to adjust your your driving speed. This is not only for your safety but for the construction workers and others around you. According to the Slow Down and Move Over law, Manitoba doubles the fines for speeding in a construction zone.

If you know that you are going to be spending some time caught in traffic, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the drive.

When was the last time you checked on your tires?  They should properly inflated and maintained.

How is your gas tank? Top off your tank so you don’t need to worry about it later.

To be clearly seen on the road by other motorists, all your lights (headlights, signal, brake and taillights) should be in working condition.

Are your windshield wipers working properly? This is to ensure that they maintain proper visibility. There should be enough windshield wiper fluid to help clean away muddy water or dirt to keep your windshield clean.

Despite your best efforts the unforeseen can occur, and breakdowns can happen. If you are caught in a jam, contact Dr. Hook for Roadside Assistance. Our services include towing, flat tires, out of gas, locked keys and battery service. Give us a call and we will help get you back on your way.

Make sure that you take advantage of the Dr. Hook Towing and Recovery’s Guaranteed Roadside Assistance program.  The program is free and as a member, you receive first priority. Since you are a member, we will have all your information already on file, allowing for a quicker response time.

The Dr. Hook difference: Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Program

Dr. Hook Towing

Whatever the case may be when out driving – you may require roadside assistance, car breaking down, getting a flat tire, running out of gas or locking your keys in your car; imagine feeling at ease, knowing that Dr. Hook Towing will be available and ready to assist you. We ensure that you are taken care of and help get you back on your journey. The Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Program was implemented to let our customers know we are here to service you and that we value your commitment to our company.

Why should you become a Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Member?

1. Membership is 100% free
There is no annual fee if you are Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Member and no fee is required when you sign up. Unlike other Roadside Assistance Programs, our fees are extremely reasonable and you only pay us when you require our services.

1. You receive first priority
At Dr. Hook Towing, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers. For our loyal customers, as a Guaranteed Roadside Assistance member, you will receive first priority whenever you contact us. As well, having your information on file allows for quicker response time. Imagine prepaying for a membership and hearing a recording advising you that the wait time is 8 to 16 hours for boosting or 2 days for towing? With Dr. Hook Towing, we are usually at your location within an hour of your call and will always speak to a representative directly.

How can you sign up?
The process is easy. All you need to do to become a Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Member is fill out our online form or give us a call at (204) 956-4665 or toll free 1-800-561-4665. There is no fee to for being a Guaranteed Roadside Assistance Member and your membership never expires. If you have questions please Contact Us.