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For Hazardous Spills, Trust our Emergency Spill Response Team


When minutes could compromise your Company’s Name and increase your Environmental Liability and Exposure, trust our Emergency Spill Response Team with your Hazardous Material Spills. We will manage, contain, cleanup and dispose of your Spilled Fluids and Materials safely. Dr. Hook will take care of all spills including Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Oils, Antifreeze, Hydrocarbons and Battery Acid. No matter how small or large your spill is, the situation will be handled safely, correctly and cost efficiently in accordance with Provincial and Federal Regulations.

To continually improve this service to our customers, we have recently added 3 more response units in our Spill Response fleet along with a new vac. We take great precautions in traffic safety so everyone in our team is Certified in Flagging Traffic and Certified Traffic Control Coordinators. We will put up signs and traffic control devices to ensure the cleanup is done in a safe manner not only to you but to others surrounding the site. With our Spill Response Team along with our Towing and Recovery Team we can make sure the job is completed with no hassles.

Our representatives are ready to speak with you at 1-800-561-4665 or in Winnipeg 204-956-4665. At Dr. Hook Towing you will always get prompt service as soon as we receive your call. Learn more about our Emergency Spill Response Services here.