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Pothole Season Continues – Be On the Lookout!

A few months ago, a witty Winnipegger took advantage of the hype around a sinkhole in our city and created a Twitter account that at first was meant to entertain, but since has served a useful purpose.

The account is @Wpg_Sinkhole, and very quickly gained some traction. While it currently sits at 342 followers (certainly nothing to sneeze at), the account has become less about joking about the contents of a sinkhole in our fair city and moreso providing alerts.

Witness, for example, the following Vine that came from CBC reporter Jill Coubrough, that was later re-Tweeted by the Sinkhole:

There is reason why we talk about Twitter in this blog – part of staying safe on the road is being aware of issues you may face while driving. While the majority of potholes were filled earlier this year, there continue to be issues all across Winnipeg, some which you may not see until it’s too late.

The simplest way to prepare yourself for travels on Winnipeg streets and away from needing Roadside Assistance is, simply put, to stay informed. Consider adding social media accounts like the aforementioned Sinkhole Twitter profile to keep alert, and follow news and City of Winnipeg bulletins on any roadwork that has or soon will be commencing.

Stay safe Winnipeg!

Pothole Season has Started! Beware!

Good news Winnipeg, the overnight parking ban has been lifted!

Bad news Winnipeg, pothole season has officially begun.

After a pre-season that already proved hazardous thanks to a couple days in and around 0, the Winnipeg road landscape now looks to be fully picked apart by the remnants of a soon-to-be-departed winter (once the snow stops falling of course, but more on this in a moment).

Potholes are unfortunately unavoidable as a phenomenon, and can be downright treacherous for drivers. Depending on the size of a pothole, the speed of the driver and the condition of tires, damage can occur with nary a moment’s notice and be as severe as busting tires, cracking bumpers and throwing off wheel alignment.

What makes potholes worse, now, is that with the snowfall we experienced over the last couple days, they’ve been unfortunately hidden from plain sight, and with slush developing from the melt we’ll have with above-0 temperatures on Sunday and Monday, pools will start to form in these spots, making them hard to differentiate from a paved road.

We strongly advise all drivers to stay calm on the streets and keep your speed levels down. While you may have the temptation to plow through streets at higher speeds after cutting your km/hr by 10 or 15 during the slippery snow-coated conditions of the past few months, we’re not in a safe zone yet.

Drive Safe Manitoba!