Street Racing and Car Surfing in Quebec

driving-in-quebecPhoto by Kristina Servant / CC BY 2.0

Because towing services is the nature of our business, we are often called to the scene of an emergency to help with vehicle removal. As a result, our drivers see a lot of things that the general population doesn’t. Often, accidents are just that – accidents. They’re caused by poor weather conditions, momentary lapses in concentration, or poor judgment.

Every once in a while, one of our drivers sees the results of an accident caused by an episode of gross negligence. That’s why we are happy to see public education campaigns and stiff penalties for the most flagrant violations of road safety rules.

Quebec has identified two of the most dangerous on-road behaviours and taken steps to end them. Calling street racing and car surfing “dangerous and unacceptable”, they’ve enacted steep penalties for infractions, including immediate suspension of the drivers license of the perpetrator, on-the-spot vehicle impoundment, $1000 fine, and levying 12 demerit points. Repeat offenders (people convicted of the same offence within 10 years) will face even stiffer punishments.

What is “car surfing?”

Riding on a moving vehicle, in the box or cargo space of a truck, holding onto or being pulled by a vehicle, or riding on any object being pulled by a moving vehicle. The driver of the vehicle will face the above punishments, and anyone actually car surfing will have their license (or the right to obtain one) immediately suspended, be fined $1000, and get the same 12 demerit points entered onto their record that the vehicle’s driver does.

Not only are these offences incredibly dangerous, they’re criminal. The Criminal Code of Canada includes penalties as harsh as imprisonment for life for a person who drives a vehicle in a manner that’s dangerous to the public.

At Dr. Hook Towing, we’re happy to see Quebec (and other Canadian Provinces) take such a firm stand against the most dangerous behaviours on the road.

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