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Invading Your Privacy – How to Take Back Your Parking Spot

While we live and breathe by a credo of being “Friendly Manitoba”, Winnipeg drivers will attest that when it comes to cars, you’re stepping into unfriendly waters (and we’re not just talking about changing lanes without “the wave”).

The reason for this is completely unknown, but its evidence is seen everywhere from office banter to call-in radio shows.

Perhaps the most aggravating element to Winnipeg drivers is when they invade one’s private space – the proverbial sacred ground that is the reserved parking spot.

If you ever had this happen to you, you know the frustration. The high price you or your company pays for this space certainly gives valid reason for said emotions – how you react though, depends on your comfort in dealing with a frequent erroneous parker.

Solutions can range from the simple leaving a note on the dash of the offending vehicle, to the more demonstrative case of ordering a tow; but generally, there are a few pieces to keep in mind:

1> Lot owners – The problem may not be with a driver, but with awareness of the parking space reservation. Signage may not reflect what the state of the spot is, or the offending vehicle owner may be confused as to which space belongs to whom. The lot owner may be able to help resolve this confusion.

2> Know the tow – Should you choose to go the tow-the-car route, check for signage in the parking lot. Usually, the parking lot owner will have a contract with a particular Manitoba towing company for you to contact for matters such as this.

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