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Alberta’s Got a Brand New Traffic Safety Plan

Alberta Traffic Safety PlanPhoto by Tallgirl / CC BY 2.5

Back in 2007, Alberta became a pioneer in Canadian traffic safety planning. By becoming the first province to outline a formal traffic safety plan, the province was able to reduce traffic fatalities by 32 percent over a four-year period.  By all accounts, it was a success.

In 2015, Alberta is proudly unveiling the successor to the original plan, the Traffic Safety Plan 2015.  This new plan includes provisions for:

Safer roads that are designed, engineered, maintained, and operated for improved safety.  New technology comes along all the time.  Alberta is planning to put the best innovations to work immediately.

Safer drivers who are skilled and competent, alert, and comply with the law.  Training and enforcement mean safer travelling for everyone.

Safer vehicles that provide maximum protection.  Accidents happen, but design and maintenance of cars can mitigate injuries.

Alberta’s Traffic Safety Plan is ambitious, making implementation of an effective speed management plan, promotion of safer vehicles, increasing the use of seat belts and child safety seats, deterring impaired driving, and improving road infrastructure.

In order to bring this plan to fruition, the Alberta government is collaborating with police and other traffic safety partners through enforcement, education, communication, community engagement, as well as road infrastructure and engineering improvements.

At Dr. Hook Towing, we see firsthand what happens when road safety efforts fail.  We applaud the Alberta government and it’s partners for the success of their first Traffic Safety Plan, and wish them nothing but the best in this current revision.

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